Maus Timeline


Hitler jailed

April 1, 1924

Hitler is jailed for high treason against the German government.

Mein Kampf

May 12, 1925

Hitler writes a book on the Nazi Party's beliefs in jail.


October 13, 1930

Hitler's party begins to actively promote anti-semitism by smashing the windows of Jewish-owned stores.

Hitler becomes Reich Chancellor of Germany

January 30, 1933

He is appointed this job in order to control the Nazi party.

Dachau concentration camp opened

March 22, 1933

The first of the camps opened in Bavaria. It is used as a training center.

Hitler assumes presidency

August 3, 1934

Hitler assumed power after the death of President Hindenburg.

Hitler beomces Fuhrer

August 19, 1934

90% of the people vote for him, giving him absolute power.

Nuremberg Laws announced


The laws stripped Jews of civil rights as citizens of Germany and segregated them from the rest of the country

Hitler invades Poland

September 1, 1939

This was one of the first acts by Germany that spurred the war.

Jews forced to be identified through Star of David

November 23, 1939

Ghettos created


Gassing vans introduced

September 1941

Jewish genocide


Operations at death camps begins

Some death camps closed


Camps that were built to kill Jews were shut down

Warsaw ghetto uprising

April 19, 1943

ZOB revolts in the Warsaw ghetto using smuggled weapons

Sonderkommando in Auschwitz blow up a crematoria

October 7, 1944

Liberation of captured Jews occurs


Allied troops being to enter Nazi territory

High ranking Nazi officials brought to trial

November 20, 1945

Hunt for Nazi war criminals continues

1947 - Present

Jewish immigration becomes a problem


The movement of one million displace people was a massive effort.