Timeline of World War I


The assassination of Franz Ferdinand. 06/28/1914


Franz Ferdinand who was an Archduke of Austria was shot dead with his wife by assassins. This shocked Europe and triggered World War I.

The start of World War. 07/28/1914


World War One started.

Britain Declares War. 08/04/1914


British declared war to Germany to protect their allied country Belgium.

Battle of the Frontiers 08/14/1914-08/24/1914

08/14/1914 - 08/24/1914

The first battle in World War One started with five offensive launch from French Commander.

Unofficial Christmas Truce 12/24/1914


On christmas day 1914 soldiers fought in World War One had a day of. They get to exchange food and cigarettes and play foot ball.

The Zeppelin air raid on Britain 01/19/1915


2 German airships successfully bombed Britain and 1 turned back due to mechanical difficulties.

Gallipoli Campaign Begins. 04/25/1915-01/02/1916

04/25/1915 - 01/02/1916

The british formed a campaign with many of the commonwealth countries to capture the heights overlooking the straits where the Russians are trapped.

The battle of Verdun. 02/21/1916-12/18/1916

02/21/1916 - 12/18/1916

The longest battle started and many soldiers died.

The Battle of the Somme. 07/01/1916-11/18/1916

07/01/1916 - 11/18/1916

The battle with most loss british troops started. 58000 british troops were lost and one third of them were killed.

Recovery of France and Belgium by the Allies. 06/15/1918


France and Belgium stopped fighting and start to recovery in Germany.

The End of World War I. 11/11/1918


World War One ended.

The Treaty of Versailles was signed. 06/28/1919


The Germans signed Treaty of Versailles.