Life of John Keats


John Keats was Born

October 31, 1795

John Keats was born in Moorgate, London

Keats finds his love for history, writing, and classic stories


Keats was sent to John Clarke's school in Enfield, where he found his love for history, writing, and classic stories

Keats became an apprentice to a surgeon


Keats left school to apprentice with Thomas Hammond, who was a surgeon and apothecary.

Keats wrote his first extant poem


At the age of 19, Keats wrote his first extant poem called "An Imitation of Spenser”.

Keats began writing Poems and Letters


Keats started writing poems and letters to his friends and loved ones. This is where he realized his true talent for writing.

Keats became a Medical Student


Keats became a medical student at Guy’s Hospital. And in 1816 he received his Apothecary license.

Keats decides he wants to become a poet


Keats announces that he wants to become a poet instead of a surgeon.

Keats published his first poem

May 1816

Keats published "O solitude"

Keats publishes his first book of poems

October 1816

Keats published his first book of poems, but sadly the book did not sell well and was considered a failure.

Keats first known love poem


This poem was called "You Say You Love", also known as "O' Love Me Truly"

Keats poems become popular


Isabella, or the Pot of Basil became popular with Pre-Raphaelite painters. These painters depicted his poem through their art.

Keats starts getting sick

July 1818

Keats develops a huge sickness that prevents him from getting out of bed.

Keats writes his final letter

November 3, 1820

Keats wrote his last letter to Charles Armitage Brown, a close friend.

John Keats DIes

February 23, 1821

Keats died peacefully while holding hands with his friend Joseph Severn, who had traveled with for many years