Shang Dynasty Timeline

Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty begins

1700 B.C.E

Spreading rule

1700 B.C.E

Beginning in 1700 b.c.e a coo year rule that spread along the Haung He River until it ruled over 100 towns.

King Da Yi

1675 B.C.E - 1646 B.C.E

King Da Yi started ruling in 1675 b.c.e and stopped ruling in 1646 b.c.e. He was their first ruler!

Yanshi gets discovered

1557 B.C.E

Tang discovers Yanshi.

Economy starts

1500 B.C.E

They engaged a production of economy with bronze, weapons, and vessels.

Changed Capitals

1384 B.C.E

They moved their capital from Anyang to Yin.

Oracle bone script

1200 B.C.E

An oracle bone script gives evidence to the first Chinese calendar.

Shang Dynasty ends

1122 B.C.E