Ancient Rome


Rome is Founded

753 BC

A soon to be 753,000 square mile city is born

Rome Becomes a Republic

509 BC

Citizens of Rome are now aloud to elect leaders and politicians. They can vote on important topics of discussion.

Julius Ceaser is Born

100 BC

Julius Ceaser was born. Julius ceaser led to be one of the most impactful leaders of all time, leading to present day. He completely demolished the Roman empire which was well on its way to being a world "super power."

Augustus is Born

63 BC

Augustus was the next ruler after the assassination of Julius Ceaser. He was a military dictator.

Julius Ceasar Assassinated

44 BC

Shortly after declaring himself a dictator, Julius Ceasar is assassinated. The citizens and leaders of Rome do not know the future that lies ahead of them.

Jesus Christ is Born

4 BC

It took 384 years. but eventually, Christianity became the official religion of Ancient Rome. It has changed a bit, but Christianity is still the most practiced religion in present day.

Augustus Dies

14 AD

The first emperor of the Roman Empire dies, likely by natural cause, although some rumors point to Augustus' wife feeding him poison.

Great Fire of Rome

64 AD

A six day long fire blazed throughout the streets of Ancient Rome, leaving only four of fourteen districts remaining safe and undamaged.

Colosseum Construction is Completed

79 AD

A ten year project is finished, and the Romans are now able to enjoy days of relaxation and entertainment, taking their mind off of the hardships of daily life.

Rome gets its 1,000,000th inhabitant

100 AD

Ancient Rome officially gets its 1,000,000 citizen, making it by far the most heavily populated city in the Ancient World

Christianity Becomes Official Religion of Rome

380 AD

384 years after the birth of Jesus. Constantine accepted Christianity to be the official religion of Rome. However, christians were still prosecuted after the acclamation.

Roman Empire Collapses

1453 AD

Roman Empire ends.