Israeli Palestinian Conflict


Legislative Elections in Israel


31 seats for Likud Beiteinu, 42 for Center Left with unexpected rise of Yesh Atid Party

Palestinians threat to size the International Court


Palestinians threatened to size the International Criminal Court if Israel continues it E1 plan of building housing around East Jerusalem.

Report accuses Israeli military of violating human rights


Israeli Human Rights group B'Tselem accused Israeli military of violating its rules of engagement in suppressing Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank.

UN Report calls for immediate halt to settlements


A report by the UN Human Rights Council called for an immediate halt to all Israeli settlements activity in the occupied Palestinian territories because it violates the Geneva conventions.

PA refuses to return to negotiation table


The Palestinian Authority reiterated its refusal to return to the negociating table unless Israel stopped settlement constructions and released Palestinian prisoners.

Resumption of reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas


International Organization concerns over prisoners health


Some International Organizations expressed concerns about the deteriorating health of Palestinian detainees who started a hunger strike a few months ago to protest their administrative detention without trial.

Death of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat


The Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat died in Israeli jail. Protests followed in the West Bank as it is believed he lay have died from torture.

EU recommends boycott of Israeli companies in the West Bank


The European Union formally recommended its 27 member states to prevent Israeli settlement constructions in the West Bank through an economic boycott.

Introduction of two separate bus lines for Jews and Arabs


Israel's transportation ministry announced the creation of two separate bus lines for Jews and Arabs to go from the West Bqnk to Jerusalem.