General Chronology - AP US History

Main Events

Colonial Era

1630 - 1775

This was the era before and leading up to the revolution

Puritan Migration

1630 - 1640

First Great Awakening

1730 - 1740

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

AKA the Seven Years War

Events Leading to Revolution

1760 - 1775

American Revolution

1775 - 1781

Articles of Confederation

1781 - 1787


1788 - 1789

Federalist v. Anti-Federalist Debate

1790 - 1800

Age of Jefferson

1800 - 1820

Second Great Awakening

1810 - 1820

War of 1812

1812 - 1814

The war of 1812 actually lasted for three full years and a few months. The United States declared war on Britain on June 19,1812. The Treaty of Ghent, signed on December 25, 1814, effectively ended the War of 1812.
However, it was not until January 8, 1815, at the Battle of New Orleans, that the last battle was fought.

Emergence of Capitalism (textiles)

1820 - 1830

Antebellum (Before Civil War)

1820 - 1860

Age of Jackson

1828 - 1848

Territorial Expansion

1840 - 1850

Events Leading to Civil War

1850 - 1861

Civil War

1861 - 1865


1865 - 1876

Ends with the Wormley Agreement (takes soldiers out of the south in exchange for Democratic support of Hayes) and Election of 1876

Gilded Age

1870 - 1880

Growth of Big Business


1890 - 1900

Spanish-American War

April 25, 1898 - August 12, 1898


1900 - 1919

Rough dates of movement

World War I

1914 - 1918

New Era

1920 - 1930

Business, isolation, social change, technology

Stock Market Crash



Great Depression and New Deal

1930 - 1940

World War II

1941 - 1945

Cold War

1945 - 1989

Post WWII to 1989

Ike and Conformity

1950 - 1960

Korean War

1950 - 1953

JFK, LBJ and Nixon

1960 - 1970

No Growth Era, Watergate, OPEC, etc.

1970 - 1980

Presidential Chronology

Washington - Federalist

1789 - 1797

-Bank of USA established
-Bill of Rights Adopted
-Neutrality Proclamation
-Citizen Genet affair
-Whiskey Rebellion
-Jay's Treaty
-Pickney's Treaty
-Farewell Address

John Adams - Federalist

1797 - 1801

-XYZ Affair
-Quasi-War with France (ended by Adams)
-Alien and Sedition Acts
-Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
-DC Becomes Capital

Jefferson - Republican

1801 - 1809

-War with Barbary Pirates
-Marshall becomes Chief Justice
-Marbury v. Madison
-Louisiana Purchase
-Burr kills Hamilton
-12th Amendment
-Burr Conspiracy
-Embargo Act
-Fulton invents Steamboat
-African Slave Trade Ends

Madison - Republican

1809 - 1817

-Nonintercourse Act
-Macon's Bill #2
-West Florida Annexed
-Fletcher v. Peck
-Defeat of Tecumseh
-Bank of USA charter elapses
-War of 1812
-Hartford Convention
-Battle of New Orleans (AJ becomes war hero)
-Second Bank of USA chartered

Monroe - Republican

1817 - 1825

-War with Seminole Indians in Florida
-AJ invades Florida
-Adams - Onis Treaty
-McCullough v. Maryland
-Missouri Compromise
-Monroe Doctrine

JQ Adams - Republican

1825 - 1829

-Erie Canal opens
-Tariff of Aboninations
-Worcester v. Georgia

AJ - Democrat

1829 - 1837

-Jacksonian Democracy
-AJ vetos Maysville Road Bill
-War on the Bank!
-Nullification Crisis
-Specie Circular
-Texas proclaims independence from Mexico

Martin Van Buren - Democrat

1837 - 1841

-Hidden Depression
-Independent Treasury Act

John Tyler - Whig (but not really)

1841 - 1845

-Webster-Ashburton Treaty
-"Oregon Fever"

William Henry Harrison - Whig

March 4, 1841 - April 1841

Died after 1 month in office!!

James Polk - Democrat

1845 - 1849

"Mister Expansion"
-Texas enters as slave state
-Mexican War
-Treaty with Britain divides Oregon Territory
-Wilmot Proviso
-Treaty of Guadalupe-Hadalgo (ends Mexican War)
-Gold in California

Zachary Taylor - Whig

1849 - 1850

"Dies in Office"
-Compromise of 1850

Millard Fillmore - Whig

1850 - 1853

-Melville writes, Moby-Dick
-Herriet Beecher Stowe writes, Uncle Tom's Cabin

Franklin Pierce - Democrat

1853 - 1857

-Know-Nothing Party Emerges (anti-immigration)
-Collapse of Whigs
-Ostend Manifesto (Cuba)
-Perry open Japan
-Kansas-Nebraska Act
-John Brown in Pottawatomie, Kansas

James Buchanan - Democrat

1857 - 1861

-Dred Scott decision
-Lecompton constitution (Kansas)
-Lincoln Douglas Debates
-John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry
-Division of Democratic Party
-South Carolina Secedes
-Deep South secedes

Abe Lincoln - Republican

1861 - 1865

-Fort Sumpter (Civil War Begins)
-Border slave states secede
-Emancipation Proclamation
-Gettysburg and Vicksburg
-Draft riots in NYC
-Sherman's March to the Sea
-Lee surrenders at Appomattox
-Lincoln assassinated by Booth

Andrew Johnson - Republican (not really)

1865 - 1869

-13th Amendment
-Freemen's Bureau
-KKK formed
-Military Reconstruction Act
-Johnson impeached for violating Tenure of Office Act (acquitted)
-South readmitted to Union
-14th Amendment
-15th Amendment
-Purchase of Alaska

U.S. Grant - Republican

1869 - 1877

-Knights of Labor Organized
-Treaty of Washington
-Boss Tweed Scandals (Tammany Hall)
-Credit mobilier scandal
-Panic of 1873 (long depression)
-Return to Gold standard (species resumption act)
-Whiskey Ring scandal
-Bell invents telephone
-Wormley Agreement (Compromise of 1877)

Rutherford B. Hayes - Republican

1877 - 1881

-Elected in Compromise of 1877 (promises to pull out troops from South)
-Great RR Strike (put down by federal troops)
-Edison perfects electric light
-Henry George writes Progress and Poverty

James Garfield - Republican

March 5, 1881 - September 19, 1881

-killed by disappointed office seeker

Chester A. Arthur - Republican

September 19, 1881 - 1885

-Rockefeller and Standard Oil
-Pendelton Act

Grover Cleveland - Democrat

1885 - 1889

-AFL formed
-Interstate Commerce Act passed to take control of RR's
-Edward Bellamy writes Looking Backwards

William Henry Harrison - Republican

1889 - 1893

-Jane Addams and Hull Houses
-Muckraker - Jacob Riis (photographer)
-Sherman Antirust Act
-Sherman Silver Purchase Act
-Battle at Wounded Knee
-Populist Party Organizes
-Homestead Strike (Carnegie Steel)

Grover Cleveland - Democrat

1893 - 1897

-Four Years of Depression
-Repeal of Sherman Silver Purchase Act
-Frederick Jackson Turner and West as a "safety valve"
-Pullman Strike, Debs jailed
-Coxey's Army marches on Washington DC
-Plessy v. Ferguson
-Booker T. Washington publishes Up From Slavery

William McKinley - Republican

1897 - 1901

-Killed at beginning of 2nd term
-Spanish-American War
-Hayes's Open Door Policy
-John Dewey and Progressive "pragmatism"
-LaFollet - progressive governor of Wisconsin
-Up From Slavery

T. Roosevelt - Republican

1901 - 1909

-arbitration settles coal strike
-Oliver Wendell Holmes appt. to Supreme Court
-US Steel Formed
-DuBois publishes The Souls of Black Folk
-Wright Bros Fly
-dept. of labor and commerce
-Roosevelt Corollary
-Lochner v. NY
-Niagara Movement
-IWW formed
-Upton Sinclair writes The Jungle
-Meat Packing Act
-Pure Food and Drug Act
-Hepburn Act (RR)
-Dillingham Comission
-Muller v. Oregon
-TR and conservation movement

William Howard Taft - Republican

1909 - 1913

-Frederick Winslow Taylor publishes Principles of Scientific Management
-Dollar Diplomacy
-dissolution of Standard Oil and America Tobacco Trusts
-Payne-Aldrich tariff
-NAACP formed
-Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
-IWW Lawrence Strike
-Alice Paul forms Radical National Women's Party

Woodrow Wilson - Democrat

1913 - 1921

-Armory Show
-Federal Reserve System
-Clayton Antitrust Act
-WWI Begins
-"Ludlow Massacre" (national guard attacks tent colony in Colorado)
-Federal Trade Commission
-Sinking of Lusitania
-Draft Act
-Espionage Act
-War Industries Board
-Sedition Act
-18th Amendment
-Race Riots
-Red Scare (Mitchell Palmer)
-Women's Sufferage

Warren G. Harding - Republican

1921 - 1923

-High tariff
-Washington conference

Calvin Coolidge - Republican

1923 - 1929

-Dawes Plan
-National Origins Act
-Teapot Dome and other harding scandals
-Sacco and Vinzetti executed
-Lindberg's flight
-Kellog-Briand Pact

Herbert Hoover - Republican

1929 - 1933

-Young Plan
-Stock Market CRASH
-Hawley-Smoot Tariff (high)
-Reconstruction Finance Corporation
-Bonus Army (veterans march for pay on DC)

FDR - Democrat

1933 - 1945

-Dies in office
-Bank Holiday
-Alphabet Agencies
-Social Security
-Wagner Act

Lyndon B. Johnson - Democrat

1963 - 1969

-War on Poverty
-Great Society
-Civil Rights Act 1964
-Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
-Escalation of war in vietnam
-voting rights act 1965
-Riots in Watts
-NOW (National Org. of Women) formed
-MLK Assassinated
-RFK assassinated
-Democratic convention in Chicago
-LBJ announces he will not run in 1968

Nixon - Republican

1969 - 1974

-Man on the Moon
-Vietnam war expands into Cambodia
-Kent state students shot by national guard during war protest
-EPA established
-26th amendment gives 18yr-old right to vote
-Pentagon Papers (documents on Vietnam leaked)
-Nixon visits China
-America begins withdrawal from Vietnam
-Roe v. Wade
-Agnew Resigns
-Recession and oil embargo
-Nixon resigns!

General Ford - Republican

1974 - 1977

-Ford pardons Nixon
-S. Vietnam govt. falls

Jimmy Carter - Democrat

1977 - 1981

-Dept. of energy established
-USA formally recognizes China
-Panama Canal Treaty
-Iranian Hostage Crisis
-Moral Majority
-Boycott of Olimpics

Ronald Reagan - Republican

1981 - 1989

-Worst recession since Great Depression
-massive defense spending and drop in oil prices leads to economic recovery
-Cold War type tension with USSR
-Iran-contra (arms for hostages deal) exposed
-INF Treaty
-Communism begins to collapse in E. Europe and USSR