Renaissance Art History


Dome of the Florence Cathedral, Brunelleschi

1420 - 1436

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-raised on a drum to incr. height
-meant be experienced from inside & outside
-double dome of 2 shells, lighter exterior shell & heavier interior domel walkway between domes allows interior be maintained from within the structure
-surmounted by lantern that anchors ribs of dome

Holy Trinity, Masaccio, fresco


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-Santa Maria Novella, Florence
-Created by Lenzi family as tombstone
-pyramidal composition
-Patrons kneeling outside arch
-vanishing point=foot of cross
skeleton below painting = death; with inscription
-Mary & St. John flank Jesus

Tribute Money, Masaccio


-illustrates NT story w/Jesus, tax collector, and fish story
-continuous narrative
-landscape unimportant
-monumentality of figures which cast shadows

Battle of San Romano, Uccello, tempera on wood


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-battle between Florence & Lucca in 1432
-orthogonals in figures of men lying on ground, vanishing points

Palazzo Rucellai, Alberti

1446 - 1451

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-3 horiz floors separated by articulated stringcourse
-pilasters rise vertically & separate space into squarish shapes
-use beveled masonry joints; not rusticated surface
-1st floor pilasters=Tuscan
-3rd floor pilasters=Corinthian
-friezes incl Rucellai family symbols of billowing sails

Sant' Andrea, Alberti


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-combo of Roman triumphal arch & ancient temple facade
-giant pilasters flank arch & support pediment
-identical proportions of width & height on facade
-interior: great barrel vault w/no side aisles, coffered ceilings
-large barrel vault canopy above west facade to shield light