Colonial Unrest

Dark Blue- Mercantilist Green- Unfair and mean


First Navigation Act


Allowed only English ships to trade with colonies and restricted the sale of tobacco etc. to only English merchants

Second Navigation Act


All goods from the colonies had to pass through England, making them taxable (Vertical integration, meaning you control your whole supply chain)

Third Navigation Act


Imposed duties on coastal trade and made custom officials to oversee (plus making it harsher, taking away right to a jury of peers by sending colonials to England to be tried)

Dominion of New England

1686 - 1689

Very unpopular (especially Sir Edmund Andros)

Albany Plan Proposed and rejected


Could have been a happy America (under British Rule)

Rule of George III

1760 - 1820

Mad as a hatter: screwed up the whole colonial thing because of it.

Canada Annexed


Oh crap...that's a lot of land, with a lot of Indians in it

Proclamation of 1763


Was annoying because it stopped further expansion west (to save on upkeep and the cost of fighting the Indians). It really didn't work.

Currency Act


Removed money from the economy (stupid)

Paxton Boys

January 1764

Americans vs Americans in Philly

Sugar Act 1764

5 April 1764

Sneakily just raising money but not so bad because it was mercantilist

Stamp Act


Taxed EVERYONE, which was damn stupid because they all got angry as a result.

Mutiny Act


Fairly reasonable, asked colonials to let soldiers live with them



More intra-colonial violence, about taxes this time

Boston Tea Party

December 21 1773

Quebec Act


Was really quite laid back legislation but seemed like an attack on freedom of religion and a plot to enslave America

Intolerable Acts


Closed Boston
Removed Massachusetts' government of almost all its power.
Allowed officials to be tried in other countries
Required troops to be kept in barns and empty houses