School Violence

School Violence

Cleveland Elementary School

January 17, 1989

26 year old opened fire on a playground at an elementary school, killing five and wounding 26 kids and a teacher. He then committed suicide.

University of Iowa

November 1, 1991

5 killed and one seriously wounded by graduate Gang Lu, he then killed himself

Thurston High School

May 21, 1998

15 year old killed his parents and two kids at school- sentenced to life in prision

Columbine High School

April 20, 1999

18yr old and 17yr old killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 23 before killing themselves.

Santana High School

March 5, 2001

15 year old student killed two fellow students and wounded 13 others, fired from a bathroom.

Rocori High School

September 24, 2003

15 year old killed two of his classmates, Minnesota, psychiatrist testified the shooter was suffering from schizophrenia and heard a voice that urged him to kill one of the boys who was said to be a bully. Life in prison

Red Lake High School

March 21, 2005

16 year old kills his grandfather, four students, a teacher and a security guard. Then himself

Orange High School

August 8, 2006

N.C., a 19 year old opened fire outside his former high school, said to be obsessed with school massacres- sent and email to the principle of a different school warning of his attack.

West Nickel Mines School

October 2, 2006

32 year old man goes into an Amish school and takes 11 girls as hostage- 5 killed 6 wounded, Man killed himself

Virginia Tech.

April 2007

The deadliest shooting by a single gunman in the history of the U.S. 32 people killed. Killed himself.