Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt was born.

October 27, 1858

He was 23 and became the youngest member of the NY State Assembly.

November 8, 1881

He spent two years on the ranch.

1884 - 1886

He was overwhelmed with grief so he went to live in a ranch in the Dakota Territory.

Roosevelt's daughter, Alice, was born.

February 12, 1884

His wife and mother died.

February 14, 1884

Roosevelt returned to NYC and was remarried. He also wrote many books.

December 2, 1886

Roosevelt served as the head of the US Civil Service Commission until 1895.

May 7, 1889

He became New York City Police Commissioner.

May 6, 1896

Theodore Roosevelt fought in the US-Spain War.

May 6, 1898

He became a war hero for braving gunfire & taking the hill.

July 1, 1898

Roosevelt becomes the NY governor for 2 years.

November 8, 1898

He became Vice President

March 4, 1901

McKinley was shot, so Roosevelt became the 26th US president.

September 14, 1901

In one of his hikes, he let a cub go so a toymaker makes a "Teddy" bear .

April 1902

He created the Forest Service to help preserve forests/land.

February 1, 1905

He was able to preserve 145 million acres of wilderness as national parks.

Theodore Roosevelt died at the age of 60

January 6, 1919