Latino Immigration by decade



1920 - 1930

-law passed that japaneese people could not come into U.S
-white mexicans stareted coming into us
-needed mexican labor during the world war 1
-kkk was started and strong at the time


1930 - 1940

-no more jobs for the mexican immigrants
- mexican were welcomed to the U.S when jobs were offered
- mexican workers inlcuding some residents were rounded up and deported


1940 - 1950

-U.S sought an agreement to get a lot of brazeros
-wanted mexicans becuase of their hand work (brazeros)
-mexicans were accused of taking away jobs and living of public relief


1950 - 1960

-stopped any one that looked mexican
-americans did not want the mexicans
-"Operation wetback, 1954"

border potrol seized 280,000 illegal immigrants
U.S felt pressured to do do something about immigration results of that was operation wetback


1960 - 1970

-mexicans economy whent down by a lot
-mexicans had to compete for a visa (ABS)
-1960, after fall of trujillo he let many dominicans come into the U.S


1970 - 1980

-numbers of immigrant people population starts to increase
-by the 70's there is a 7.9% of immigrants in the u.s
-there is a 78% of mexican immigrants living in the u.s


1980 - 1990

-population of immigrants now is at 15.6%
-in Washington D.C most of the people were salvadorian people
-there was a granting amnesty to 2.3 million mexicans residing illegeally in the united states


1990 - 2000

-mexican population has gone up to be 21.7%
-my mom family starts comming in during this decade and ofcourse coming in as immigrants



-mexican immigrant population increase up to 27.7%
-my mom gets sent back to mexico in 2002 for coming in illegally
-2003 finally shes a resident
-2013 colorado mayor signs the dream act form