Immigration into the US


The 1920's

1920 - 1929

-The Mexican Revolution led to increased immigration from Mexico for the first time in US history.
-The US outlawed immigration from Asia, which increased demand for labor from Mexico.
-Law restricting immigration hurts economy.

The 1930's

1930 - 1939
  • The start of The Great Depression
  • Mexican workers, including many legal residents, were rounded up and deported. -Repatriation -Mexicans are blamed

The 1940's

1940 - 1949

-World War II
-Plenty of jobs not enough workers
-Demand for Mexicans increasaes again
-Brucero: Farmer signs contract with government to go to Mexico and hire me to work on farm for 1-2 years.

The 1950's

1950 - 1959

-dont want the Mexicans anymore
-operation wetback: The object of tis intense border enforcement were "illegal aliens," but common practice of Operation Wetback focused on Mexicans in general.
-Went through Mexican neighborhoods and rounded up people they thought where Mexicans.
-Children of illegals also taken

The 1960's

1960 - 1969

-Mexican immigration beginning in 1968, causing the numbers of undocumented workers to rise significantly.
-Hart-Celler Immigration Reform Act of 1965, which removed the racially based quotas on immigration set up in the 1920s.

The 1970's

1970 - 1979

population of mexicans in US increases dramatically

The 1980's

1980 - 1989

-Civil war in El Salvador leads to many imigrants from there.
-Law passed granting asylum to people fleeing El Salvador.

The 1990's

1990 - 1999

-Civil War in el salvador is over in 1992
-Approximately 1.5 million Salvadorans now live and work in the United States.
-As a result, many Salvadorans remained in the United States without documents.

The 2000's

2000 - 2010

-The economy starts to drop
-Mexicans not wanted again

Family History


1930 - 1931

my grandma moves to mexico.

My family moves(..again)

2006 - 2013

my family moves to United States from Mexico due to my dadas job.