Untitled timeline


Mexican Revolution

1920 - 1930

The Mexican Revolution led to the increase of immigration from Mexico. The US outlawed immigration from Asia which made a demand for larbor from Mexico.

Desperate Times

1930 - 1940

The Great Depression hit the US like a fraight train. This put a halt to the flow of Mexican workers coming from Mexico. Any one who looked Mexican were rounded up by force and deported, many of them were legal US citizens.


1940 - 1950

Mexicans became the scapegoats for Americas failing economy. They were blamed for taking away jobs and living off public relief.

Operation Wetback

1950 - 1960

America brought in Bracero's to insure the food supply durring the war. Then they made it illegal to immigrate from Mexico to the US, and they rounded up Mexican immigrates. they also profiled any one who looked Mexican.

Easy Pickens

1960 - 1970

With Mexicos declining economy it was an easy choice for people to immigrate to the US.

Keep it Coming

1970 - 1980

The Mexican-born population reached 760,000.

Immigration Reform

1980 - 1990

The US gave amnesty to its 2.3 million illegal immigrants, but they began a process of border fortification and militarization.

All Time High

1990 - 2000

The Mexican-born population reached an all time high of 9,752,000.

Family Immigration

First Wave


Great Grandma immigrated from Saltillo, Coahulia to Texas.

Second Wave


Great Grandpa immigrated from Gadalajar, Jalisco to Texas.

The Move


Grandma moved from New Mexico to Colorado with her family. They didnt immigrate except for very early family members, they were native to New Mexico.

Third wave


Grandpa came from Texas to Colorado for military dutys. He later came back to permanently live in Colorado in 1971.