Chapter 17 timeline


Development of the Iron Curtain


Churchill's phrase to represent Europe's division into democratic Western Europe and COmmunist Eastern Europe

Yalta Conference

February 1946

Leaders of the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union met at the Soviet Black Sea resort of Yalta and agreed to divide Germany into zones of occupation controlled by the Allied military forces.

United Nations Formed

June, 1946

U.S. and the Soviet Union joined 48 other countrioes to create the UN, An international organization intended to protect the members against aggression.

Containment Policy Adopted


Policy to block Soviet influence and stop the expansion of communism.

Marshall Plan Adopted


Program developed to assist/give aid to needy European countries to help rebuild Western Europe.

Berlin Airlift


American and British officials flew food and supplies into West Berlin for 11 months.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Formed


Ten western European nations joined the U.S. and Canada to form a defensive military alliance. An attack on any NATO member would be met with armed forces by all member nations.

Start of Cold War


A Cold War is a struggle over political differences carried on by means short of military action or war. This was between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

Communists Take Control of China


Civil war between Nationalists and Communists lasted from 1946-1949. With collapsing economy, Nationalists deserted to Communists.

China Takes Control of Tibet – 1950-1951

1950 - 1951

During Mao's reign, Chinese troops expanded into Tibet, India, and southern Mongolia. Brutal assault, promised Tibetans autonomy, but tightened control forcing the Dalai Lama to flee to India.

North Korea Swept Past the 38th parallel

June 25, 1950

North Koreans swept across 38th parallel in a surprise attack on South Korea. North Korean troops penetrated into south. Truman resolved to help South Korea resist communism.

China sends 300,000 troops to help North Korea

October, 1950

Chinese felt threatened by troops and American fleet and ended up sending 300,000 troops to North Korea.

Cease Fire Agreement Ending the Korean War


UN forces and North Korea signed agreement. Border between the two Koreas was set near the 38th parallel. 4 million soldiers and civilians died during this time.

Launch of the Five-Year-Plan


Mao nationalized businesses and made a plan that set high production goals for industry. Increased output of materials dramatically.