Trinity Episcopal Railroad Outreach - Mission of the Holy Redeemer

Timeline of information related to the establishment of the Trinity Episcopal Church outreach mission to the railroad workers in Marshall, Tx during the years 1885-1888.

Mission of the Holy Redeemer

Events in the establishment, operation, and dissolution of the mission church to the railroad workers in Marshall, Tx.

A Mission was started in the East part of the town...

September 1885

"A Mission was started in the East part of the town last September. A scheme is on foot for erecting a Mission Chapel..."
Minutes of the 37th Annual Diocesan Council, Parochial Report 1885-1886 filed by J. Howe Jenkins, M.A., Rector

The rector began a mission at the East End of town

October 1885

Note from As it was in the Beginning by Max S. Lale:

“In October, 1885, the rector began a mission at the east end of town, first in a private house, with a congregation of two people and later in a small building at East Grand and Railroad Avenue. This latter came to be known as the 'little' church."

A Mission at the Eastern portion of the town...

November 1885 - January 1886

"A Mission at the Eastern portion of the town carried on by the Rector among the Railway Community. The work consists chiefly of regular visiting and of one service a week held pro.tem. in Marvin’s schoolroom until such time as funds and opportunity allow of a mission chapel being built. Day & hour of service: - Tuesday weekly at 7.30 p.m. These services were continued throughout the winter of 1885 & 6
src: Trinity Parish Register, 1886-1890

Men who have risen

February 1886 - April 1886

"...a weekly lecture (calculated to raise a healthy moral tone) was given in February, March and April on Thursday evenings – Subject – 'Men who have risen.' They were very well attended."

src: Trinity Parish Register, 1886-1890

Holy Week

April 1886

In Holy Week – Monday to Thursday – Mission Services & Addresses were held & given daily at 8 p.m. & were well attended.

A ‘strike’ of alarming proportions & duration affected the work financially in a serious manner, & checked all prospects of present building.

src: Trinity Parish Register, 1886-1890

"...and earnestly pray for fruit."

April 26 1886

Please God, in Advent, we shall hold a parochial mission & shall earnestly pray for fruit.
J Howe Jenkins Rector Easter 1886 April 26th

src: Trinity Parish Register, 1886-1890

"...a friend kindly came forward..."

December 1886

In December 1886 a friend kindly came forward with money for a site. We have not yet been able to find a suitable one at a reasonable price, $200 only being available. We are earnestly hoping to begin building in the spring.
------ new note below -------
Have bought building and shall open it D. V. on Ascension Day. Laus Deo!

Located at Price and Greenwood Sts. where Roe's Store used to stand (c. 1939).
Location confirmed by records at First Christian Church, Marshall whose congregation bought the building, known as the Episcopal "Little Church" in April 1888.

Trinity Mission will ere long become...

December 12, 1886

December 12 - Sunday, third in Advent. "....At night, addressed the congregation, preached, confirmed eight persons and made an address....The mission in the eastern part of the city, with one exception, contributed all the members of the Confirmation class. It has added very largely to the overburdened Rector's work, so that now an assistant is imperiously demanded. Funds for the chappel [sic] will be raised during the year, and Trinity Mission will ere long become one of the most thoroughly worked and successful efforts in the Diocese."
Bishop's Log, Minutes of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Council (1886-1887)

Thomas Preston (31)
Fanny Hagar (28)
Zleaqua Phillips (26)
Zaida Coleman (21)
Anna Maria Goss (15)
Genevieve Hanson (14)
Ada Evans (14.5)
Clara Lottier (14) - @ 1880 census was living w/brother "L.J." Lottier (locomotive fireman); married Thomas Davis (locomotive engineer)


January 6, 1887 - February 22, 1887

"At last my prayers have been answered..."

January 22, 1887

"At last my prayers and efforts are answered; we are to have a Mission beginning January 22nd.
Missioner: Rev. H.H. Waters Rector of S. Paul’s New Orleans. At first I expected Dr. R. H. McKim would have conducted it, but his work, on which he had just entered, prevented his doing so.
When this other came forward to my assistance, I found consolation in a Psalm for matins of the day on which he accepted the invitation: - 15th Morning of the Month Psalm Ixxv.8. 'And why? God is the Judge; He putteth down one, and setteth up another.'"

Trinity Parish Register, 1886-1890

"Non Nobis Domine..."

January 23 1887 - January 31 1887

H.H. Waters of New Orleans, Missioner, with John Howe Jenkins, Rector of Trinity Church, delivers a week-long series of sermons.

Lent 1887

February 23, 1887 - April 9, 1887

Note 1:
We have never before had such large week-day congregations as we are having now. This is due, I believe, to a very great extent, to the Mission & the resulting work of the Holy Ghost in the hearts of the people.

Note 2:
Thanks to generosity of T & P (T.B.P) site & building are purchased for Mission chapel. Laus Deo! Have begun repaying loan also making alterations to be ready for opening by Ascension Day May 19th or a little later.

Easter 1887

April 10, 1887

According to BCP Table for finding Easter Sunday, Easter Day was April 10, 1887.

According to another table, Easter on April 10 means the first day of Lent would have been on February 23, 1887.

"I have collected abroad..."

May 1887

"I have collected abroad for a Mission Chapel to be opened in a few week's time."
JHJ, Parochial Reports, 39th Annual Diocesan Council Minutes

St. Barnabus's Day

June 1887

St. Barnabus's Day (June 11?)
Work at Mission Chapel still going on, funds coming in very slowly. Hope to open on St. Peter's Day (June 29?)

Dedication of New Church - 5th Sunday after Trinity

July 10, 1887

Rector's Log:
The Church of the Holy Redeemer opened today; not yet finished.

Service Record:
6 a.m: Holy Eucharist - 6 persons
7:15 a.m.: Holy Eucharist - 3 persons
9 a.m.: Sunday School - Gospel for the Day - 20 persons
10:30 a.m.: Celebration & Sermon - S. Luke, v. 5 - 80 persons
8:30 p.m.: Evensong & Sermon - Psalm CXXII (122) 1.2? - 45 persons

Two Baptisms - first at new church

September 18, 1887

Two Baptisms at this service at the new church. One adult, one infant; the first administered there.

From Baptism List:
- September 18, 1887 at Church of the Holy Redeemer - William Lane - adult - Rector and Mrs. Robert Hanson, witnesses
- September 18, 1887 at Church of the Holy Redeemer - Fred James Davenport - 4 mos. - Fred and Beatrice Leslie Davenport - Rector, Father of the child, and Laura LaNoue, witnesses

"Finished and beautifully so..."

September 24, 1887

"[Church of the Holy Redeemer] finished and beautifully so by September 24th 1887."
src: parish records, pg. 254, JHJ, rector

3 more baptized at Holy Redeemer

December 1887

Cornelia Cook - 16 years - no parents listed - Miss Katie Edmondson and Rector of Parish
Camille Bradshaw? - 4 years - Mr. Thomas William Bradshaw - Mrs. E.J. Goss and Miss Edmonson
Jenny? Bradshaw? - 10 months - same - Rector of Parish and same

*note: Miss Katie Edmondson is listed with sisters of Community of the Holy Name

Morning service by Mr. King

December 1887

From Parish Records

Morning service began at the Church of the Holy Redeemer by Mr. King at 11:00. Number present 12.

Sale of "East End Mission"

April 1888

"In April 1888, they [the First Christian congregation] bought from the Episcopal Church, their East End Mission building. This building was located where 'Roes Store' now stands (1939) and was known as the 'Little Church."

src: First Christian Church, Marshall, Tx history researched and written by William Hardegee, Elizabeth Finley and Raymond Sellers. Additions being made as years have passed. This account is now up to date as of now [sic]. March 4, 1981.

"inked out" passage in Parish Register

June 18, 1888

Robert S. Stuart becomes Rector of Trinity Church

July 26 1888

from Trinity Parish Register 1886-1890

"I took charge of Trinity Church on the 26th of July, 1888. A good spirit prevails and the Chuch work is advancing. With a little pecuniary help form the outside I hope soon to establish on a firm basis a mission work among the negroes."
R.S. Stuart, Rector
from Parochial Reports, Minutes of Annual Diocesan Council 1889

Bishop speaks to Fortieth Annual Council - Laments lack of Missions

May 15, 1889

at Christ Church, Tyler
"Chief among these [things to be lamented] perhaps is the seeming indifference of Vestries and congregations, especially in our largest Parishes, as to the establishment of Missions and their support in their own midst. For all this they have done very little, and for the most part literally nothing, not to speak of the general Mission work of the Diocese to which they have contributed so meagerly...."
src: Fortieth Annual Council for the Diocese of Texas, May 1889, Christ Church, Tyler, Texas.

Note: In this report, the Bishop would have been reflecting on the events of the last year (May 1888-May 1889). This meeting was also held in nearby Tyler.

JHJ Life

The life events of Fr. John Howe Jenkins, the Episcopal priest who established the outreach church in Marshall.

Born at Limerick, Ireland

August 27, 1854


October 23, 1854

Attended Rugby School

April 1868 - 1873

"sent down" from Christ Church, Oxford for satiric play "Cakeless" about Lewis Carroll and Dean Liddell

Approx. 1874

Several books about Lewis Carroll mention "Cakeless" written by John Howe Jenkins. Jenkins was "sent down" or expelled from Christ Church for writing the satiric play.

student at St Johns, Cambridge


entered St Johns, Cambridge at Michaelmas 1875

licensed to curacy of St. Martin, Sarum, Wiltshire

December 21, 1879


December 1880

"Ordination held by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury..."
src: Salisbury Guardian, December 22, 1880

living in Wiltshire


62, Clergy House, St Anns Street
St Martin, Wiltshire

marriage to Katherine Crozier Cole

4 April 1883

in London, England

Called to serve Trinity Church, Marshall, TX

July 1884

"The Reverend J.H. Jenkins, M.A., has been tendered a call to the rectorship of the Trinity Episcopal Church, which he has accepted. There is thus a need supplied for the Episcopalians in our town, who have very much missed the services of a pastor during the last few months."

Marshall Newspaper, July 1884

Present at 36th Annual Council, Bryan, Tx

May 20, 1885 - May 22, 1885

Rev. J. Howe Jenkins, Rector, Trinity Church, Marshall.

daughter, Sybil Kathleen Howe Jenkins, born in Marshall, TX

January 23 1886

Daughter, Sybil, born in Marshall. Recorded in Parish records.

preached sermon at Trinity feast of dedication

June 20, 1886

Worship;: A sermon preached in Trinity Church, Marshall, Texas, on the feast of its dedication, Trinity Sunday, June 20 1886 [Unknown Binding]
J. Howe Jenkins (Author)

at Hynson's Springs

July 1886 - August 1886

Rev. J. Howe Jenkins and family returned to town yesterday, after a month's recreation at Hynson's. We are pleased to see them much improved in health.

Marshall Newspaper, August 27, 1886

Preacher for 39th Diocesan Council

May 10, 1888 - May 12, 1888

"The Council Sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Jenkins, from St. John, xiii, 37, 38."
Minutes of the 39th Annual Diocesan Council

son, Ernest, born in Wisconsin

18 September 1888

received into Diocese of Milwaukee

December 3, 1888

src: Special Council of the Diocese of Milwaukee (1888)

made Rector of St. Luke's Church, Whitewater, Wisconsin

February 1889

"On March 4, 1889, the President reported having instituted the Rev. J.H.Jenkins, on the Feast of the Purification of the B.V.M. into the Rectorship of St. Luke's Church, Whitewater, in conformity with the request of the Standing Committee."
src: record of the Forty-Third Annual Council of the Diocese of Milwaukee

Bishop visits Whitewater

June 2, 1889

note: Entry does not mention JHJ by name but this would have been during his time as rector.

Preached and confirmed seventeen (17) in the morning, and again preached in the evening, this at Whitewater. In that parish I noted, with pleasure, a simple and effective chapel, which by the ingenuity of the rector had been got at the very minimum of cost. A beautiful and convenient rectory has lately been built by the congregation, in which there is a large, rough, unplastered garret, extending over the whole house. A chapel and a guild room were greatly needed. So a staircase was built on the outside of the house, at the back, and a plain but decent altar, with proper hanging and adornments placed at the end of the "large upper room"," now furnished with a stove and chairs; and with a curtain wich can be drawn across the front of the altar, there is an apartment which serves admirably both for the Divine service and for the meetings of Guilds and other social uses growing out of the work of the parish, and the very rudeness of the timber over head and the floor beneath, brings up the thought of the Carpenter's shop at Nazareth. There, early on the morning after the Confirmation, I had the comfort of recieving the Holy Sacrament with the newly confirmed, and many others. And afterward drove nine miles into the country, and at a farm house in the township of Milton, confirmed seven, presented by the Rector of Whitewater.

included in list of clergy Diocese of Milwaukee

June 18, 1889

records of the Forty-Third Annual Council of the Diocese of Milwaukee (June 1889)

degraded from Holy Orders

September 28, 1889

Bishop of the Diocese of Milwaukee: "On the 28th day of September, 1889, it was my sad and solemn duty to degrade from the Holy Orders of Deacon and Priest in the Church of God, the Rev. John Howe Jenkins, sometime rector of St. Luke's, Whitewater [Wisconsin]. The act took place at the Cathedral and was formally witnessed by the Rev. Canons Ashley, Wright, and St. George, Priests.

son, Geoffrey, born in London, England

16 February 1890

living in London, England


son, Frederick, born

24 August 1891

Katherine dies

3 March 1901

Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France

Trinity Parish School

In addition to the railroad outreach, Fr. John Howe Jenkins and his wife, Katharine, also worked to establish a Parish school.

Community of the Holy Name founded


The Community Of The Holy Name, Boston, Mass. (Founded 1884.)

Visitor—The Bishop of Massachusetts. Chaplain—The Rev. George J. Preecott. The Sisters have charge of the work and nursing among the poor in the Parish of the Good Shepherd, Boston, and render assistance in other Parishes, when desired. They have a summer home for the poor. The Sisters have also a school in Marshall, Texas, in connection with Trinity Church, the Rev. J. Howe Jenkins, Rector. Address the Chaplain or the Sister Superior of the Community, 218 Tremont St., Boston, Mass.

Bishop calls for Parish schools

May 1886

"...The establishing of Church schools. The unpleasant fact stares us in the face that we have no such schools in the Diocese. Why? The denominations and the Romanists have schools and so should we. They educate our children and thereby sap the very foundation fo the Church. Shall we continue to fold our hands and do nothing in this matter? It is a responsibility we cannot put aside so lightly."

Bishop Gregg, minutes of 37th Diocesan Council (1885-1886)

"May God stir generous hearts..."

April 1887

Easter 1887 - Sisters of the Community of the Holy Name will (D.V.) begin school & work in the parish in September next. May God stir generous hearts to help us that the work fail not! Sisters Katherine and Phoebe arrived September 1st.

A parochial school

May 1887

"In September next, I shall open (D.V.) a parochial school under the management of Sisters of the Community of the Holy Name, Boston, Mass."
JHJ, Parochial Report, 38th Annual Council

Sisters of the Holy Name arrive in Parish

September 1887

The Sisters were called to Marshall primarily to help establish and teach in the Parish school.

Retreat at sisterhood

September 10, 1887

From Parish Records

"Retreat at Sisterhood, celebration in oratory."

Trinity Church School opened

September 12, 1887

Trinity Church School opened on September 12th with 44 students, fifteen more to come in yet by October 1st. The two assistant teachers did not come with the sisters which makes the work fall very hard on them.

visited the Parish school

December 12, 1887

In the afternoon I visited the Parish school unde rth charge of the Sisters, Katharine and Phoebe, of the Community of the Holy Name, Boston, Mass. who came to devote themselves to this and other good work. These, with Alice, the remaingin member of th eCommunity have since been transferred to the Diocese of Texas, by the Bishop of Massachusetts. One of them will remove to Tyler to care for the sick in the railroad hospital there, and labor for the Church in other wokrs of mercy and love there, and others will be added. With the establishment of the Church Home at Tyler contemplated by the Rector, a noble band of holy women will be ready to enter upon that work. I rejoice in the inauguration of the work of the Sisterhood in the Diocese, which has proved so invaluable in more extended field of labor, and will prove invaluable, especially in our larger Parishes as an auxiliary which cannot be supplied in any other way. I am sure that many devoted daughters of the Church will gladly give themselves to this self-denying service, as a way may be opened to them, to prove shining lights amid the darkness, as it has been, and misery of the humble walks of Parochial life, and the dreary hutns of dissipation, disease, and death.

The Parish has not given one cent...

May 1888

"In September [1887] the Sisters of the Holy Name arrived in the Parish and took charge of a parochial school in a rented house. The Rector paid the first four months' rent, and he and his wife have helped support it by music lessons. The Sisters have contributed generously. The Parish has not given one cent. The school is an admirable success, educationall, and is a most valuable work in the Parish. the value of the sisters' work is beyond all words."

JHJ, Parochial Report, minutes of the 39th Annual Diocesan Council

Trinity Parish School "given up"

May 11, 1888

Bishop Gregg visits Trinity Parish school

December 17, 1888

"December 17 - Visited the Parish school, [sic] and talked to the children."
src: minutes of Fortieth Annual Concil of the Diocese of Texas, Bishop's Log

Example of Image



Bishop Gregg

Notes recorded by Bishop Alexander Gregg during his annual visits to Trinity Parish, Marshall.

"The interest excited of late in the holding of Missions..."

May 1886

Missions and Missionaries
"The interest excited of late in the holding of Missions at different points, due largely to the efforts of those men remarkably gifted in this line, who came from England during the past year, and labored so successfully, constitutes one of the most interesting and important developments of religious life and effort in the Church which has been witnessed in recent times."
Bishop Gregg, 37th Annual Diocesan Council (1885-1886)

Went to Marshall

December 10, 1886 - December 12, 1886

December 10-11 - "Went to Marshall, and on that and the following day, visited the people of the Parish."
Records of the Thirty-Eighth Diocesan Council, Bishop's Log

Visits Srs. of the Holy Name in Tyler

December 7, 1888

"December 7 - Tyler - In afternoon, visited the railroad hospital with the sisters of the 'Holy Name' are doing faithful service."
src: minutes of the Fortieth Annual Council of the Diocese of Texas, Bishop's log