Ancient Egypt


Egypt: early beginnings along the Nile.

4500 BC - 3100 BC

Scattered farming and herding, use of copper and writing.

One nation developed.

3100 BC - 2700 BC

Early beginnings of pyramid building.

The 'Old Kingdom'.

2700 BC - 2200 BC

Many great pyramids built, art flourished. The kingdom was united - a time of major success.

A period of division and fighting.

2200 BC - 2050 BC

No one Pharaoh was strong enough to rule the whole land.

The 'Middle Kingdom'

2050 BC - 1800 BC

Egypt was strong and united under one Pharaoh. It was a time of conquest over other nations, major irrigation projects and advances in the arts.

A period of division and disunity.

1800 BC - 1570 BC

No clear ruler.

The 'New Kingdom'

1570 BC - 1100 BC

Egypt at its most powerful - united and successful. Pharaohs buried in the 'Valley of the Kings'.

A time of decline.

1100 BC - 323 BC

Pharaohs lost power to foreigners and priests.

Ruled by a Greek dynasty

323 BC - 30 BC

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 331 BC and after his death it became a Greek kingdom.

Absorbed into Roman Empire.

30 BC - 364 AD

A province of Rome.