Hitler and Nazi Germany

Hitler and His Views

Hitler Born

April 20, 1889

Racism especially anti semitism was one of his views. He thought that no jew could be a good german.

Hitler Joins German Workers Party


After he served 4 years in world war 1, he joined the german workers party, an extremist party in Munich.

National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP)


By the summer, Hitler had completly taken over the party and renamed it nsdap or nazi for short. Within two years, the membership grew imensely


November 1923

Hitler stages an uprising in the beer hall putsch against the government and was quickly sent to prison. During his time in jail, he wrote the book, Mein Kampf

Rise of Nazism

Hitler Becomes Chancellor


The president Hidenburg under pressure allowed hitler to be chancellor.

Enabling Act

March 23, 1933

This law gave the government the power to ignore the constitution for four years to deal with the countries problems.

Hindenburg Dies


When the president dies, Hitler becomes the sole ruler of Germany

Anti-Semitic Policies

Nuremberg Laws

September, 1935

These laws excluded jews from german citizenship. jews were defined by if they had a jewish grandparent. Jews were forced to wear yellow stars of david and carry identification cards.

Night of Shattered Glass

November 9, 1938

in a violent rampage against the jews, nazis burned synaogues and destroyed jewish businesses. many jews were killed that night and 30 thousand were sent to concentration camps.