Abortion Timeline

5.01 Assignment for Government A with Mr. Sauer


Ebers Papyrus Written

1550 BC

Ebers Papyrus was drawn in Egypt. Ebers Papyrus was an ancient medical text. It recorded the use of a type of tampon covered with herbs which was meant to induce an abortion.

Chinese Records & Abortion

515 BC - 500 BC

Chinese records show the number of the emperor's concubines who had abortions.

Abortion Prevention Laws

1800 - 1900

Laws were being passed to prevent abortion

Instillation Abortion


Instillation abortion is invented by Eugen Abural

Special Cases Allowed


Colorado, California, Oregon, and North Carolina allow abortion when there is unchangeable psychological or physical issues of the mother and/or child, and when there has been a case of rape or incest.

Early Abortion Legal in Some States


New York makes abortion legal up until the end of the 6th month of pregnancy; along with Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington.

Abortion Federally Legal


Abortion is recognized as legal by the US Supreme Court.

1st NRLC Convention


The NRLC Convention is held. The NRLC is the largest pro-life organization in the US.

1st Human Life Amendment


The first Human Life Amendment brought to the attention of the Senate.

Constitution & Abortion


The first constitutional amendment approved that states the constitution does not secure abortion rights.

Reagan & Abortion


President Reagan states that "a program which does provide counseling and referral for abortion services as a method of family planning will not be eligible for Title 10 funds."

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act


The US House gets the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act passed.

Medical Program Protection


A federal law is passed to protect medical programs against forced training and conduction of abortion.

Romney & Abortion


While running for President, Romney proposes extending the 14th Amendment to give rights to an unborn child.

Obama & Abortion


President Obama clearly states that he is pro-abortion on the 39th anniversary of the court case of Roe v. Wade.