The Rise of Dictators

The New Economic Policy


Lenin abandoned war communism in favor of his NEP which was a modified version of the old capitalist system.

The USSR was crated


Lenin and the communists formally created a new state calles USSR. Lenin's New Economic Policy saved the Soviet Union from complete economic disaster.

Fascism in Italy

Mussolini creates the Fascio di Combattimento


It was the first Fascist party movement created by Mussolini.

The OVRA is established


The Fascist outlawed all other political parties in Italy and established the secret police known as the OVRA .

Great Britain and France


Only this two major European states remained democratic.

A New Era in the Soviet Union

Stalin Launches his First Five-Year Plan


The plan set economic goals for five-year periods. Purpose was to transform Russia from an agricultural into an industrial country.

Costs of Stalin's Program


Collectivization came at a tremendous cost. The Hoarding of food & slaughter of food caused famine. His actions of the Great Purge also led him to remove the Old Bolsheviks.

Authoritarian States in the West

The Spanisih Civil War began


Spanish military forces revolted against the democratic government.

The Spanish Civil War ends


It ended when Franco's forces captured Madrid and he established a dictatorship that favored large landowners, business people, and the Catholic clergy.