March 1, 1925

Bélgica Adela Mirabal-Reyes, Dede, was the 2nd Mariabal sister to be born.

Attends Inmaculada Concepcion


Since, Dede's older sister Patrica, wants to go to Immaculada Concepcion to see if she wants to become a nun, all the sisters are sent to the school to keep an eye on one another.

Meeting Lio


In 1948, Dede meets a medicine professer who teaches at the university, named Lio. She is attracted to him but decides to back off when Minerva and Lio have more in common.

Proposed to


Dede becomes a wife-to-be when Jamitio, a distant cousin, proposes to her one night. They are disturbed by Lio who wants Dede to promise to give Minerva a letter that she later burns.

Discovery Day Dance

October 12, 1949

The Mirabal family is invited by Trujillo to the Discovery Day Dance. Everyone expect Mama and Mate go to keep an eye on each other.

Papa's Death


Papa, Enrique Maribal, dies shortly after his imprisonment and stroke. The sister's discover that he has an another whole entire family with four sisters as well.