Empires of Early History


Maya Empire

2500 BC - 1500 AD

Lived on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and in Central America in what is now Guatemala

Akkadian Empire

2334 BC - 2193 BC

Sargon conquered Sumer and other city-states to create the 1st empire in the world. This is in Mesopotamia.

Babylonian Empire

1894 BC - 539 BC

Hammurabi was a Babylonian Emperor who created a code of laws for all in his kingdom known as Hammurabi's Code in 1772 BC


1765 BC - 605 BC

Split from the Akkadian Empire. Long history of battles throughout history. Know for developing armor for battles and weapons of iron.

Hittite Empire

1700 BC - 1180 BC

Located mainly in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), used chariots in war.

Persian Empire

678 BC - 759 CE

Became the largest empire the world had known under Cyrus the Great and his son Darius. Darius & his son, Xerxes lead the Persians into war against the Greeks fighting the Persian Wars. The Greeks defeated the Persians

Greek Empire

500 BC - 600 AD

Controlled much of the known world through Alexander the Great's conquests.

Mauryan Empire

322 BC - 185 BC

In India

Chinese Empire

221 BC - 1912 AD

Many dynasties make up the time line of the Chinese Empire.

Western Roman Empire

27 BC - 476 AD

Gupta empire

320 AD - 550 AD

In India. Reigned during the Golden Age of India

Eastern Roman Empire

330 A.D. - 1453 A.D.

Constantine moved the Roman capital east to Constantinople in 330 AD avoiding the invasions that felled Rome in 476 AD. Constantinople thrived until conquered by the Ottoman's in 1453.

Frankish Empire

481 AD - 1579 AD

Starting with Clovis and continuing through Charlemagne and many more rulers this was the first Christian Monarchy

Muslim Empire

636 AD - 1099 AD

Found throughout the Middle East, North Africa & Central Asia

Mali Empire

800 AD - 1550 AD

West African Kingdom

Holy Roman Empire

800 AD - 1906 AD

Began with the Pope crowning Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD on Christmas Day

Ghana Empire

830 AD - 1235 AD

West African Kingdom

Mongol Empire

1206 AD - 1368 AD

Rose out of east, central Asia to conquer most of Europe, Russia and Central Asia

Songhai Empire

1375 AD - 1591 AD

West African Empire

Aztec Empire

1427 AD - 1521 AD

Found in Central Mexico

Incan Empire

1438 AD - 1532 AD

Located in western South America in the Andes Mountains.

Spanish Empire

1469 AD - 1824 AD

Started with the marriage of Ferdinand & Isabella and was clearly established during the Age of Exploration