History of Afghanistan

With the help of Joanne Rowland By: Mehrangiz Monsef


Munks settle into Afghanistan

12 A.D.

Traveling the Silk Road in Persia from India following Caravans
Afghanistan flourishes culturally and spiritually for several hundred years as a Buddhist Centre

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) Is Born in Mecca

500 A.D.

Islam Introduced to Afghanistan

800 A.D. - Present

Jangis Khaan Invades Afganistan


Great Wall is built
Irrigation systems are destroyed; turning fertile soil into permanent desert

Britain well established in India


Makes several attempts to add territory and to subjugate Afghans

Afghan Independence

1920 - 1930

Afghans win the 3rd British-Afghan War
Period of calm; where women have more rights & are given more power under the Afghan King's reforms; Mullas resist

Indian Independence


Divided on Religious lines; thus giving rise to Muslim Pakistan (lands from India and Pashtun, Afghanistan)
Pashtunistan (later becoming home of Taliban) is strengthened

Russian Invasion

1978 - 1992

Increased presence of U.S.A in the middle east As the cold war with Russia begins
14 years of Fierce fighting (with Mujaheddin) is to follow
1.5 million Afghans killed, 4 million are made Refugees

Russians Withdraw, Mujahiddin in Power

1992 - 1996

Leave behind many injured and millions of landmines that will continue to injure many men, women and children
For four years 7 factions of the Mujaheddin fight among themselves with weapons supplied by major world powers

Taliban Rule

1996 - 2011

Control 90% of Afghanistan beginning the brutal period of repression especially towards women
Girls cannot attend school, women must have a male escort (Moharram), Complete hijaab at all times, Women's voice not to be heard in public space, Sporting stadiums as places for executions

As a Result


Population: 20 million
Illiteracy: 60%
No Electricity: 92%



Giant Buddha's destroyed by the Taliban
Fall of the Twin Towers in the U.S.A
U.S. Invades Afghanistan
Taliban pushed from Kabul to Khandahar and into Pakistan

Afghanistan Today

2012 - 2013

Population: 31.1 million
Illiteracy: 72% (men: 57%, Women: 84%)
65% 0-24 years of age
Life Expectancy (at birth) 49.7 years
Maternal Mortality Rate: 460 deaths/100,000 live births
Infant Mortality Rate*: 122/1000 live births