Marvel Timeline


Martin Goodman starts Marvel.


Martin Goodman starts the magazine publishing business that will later become Marvel.

Marvel Comics #1 is published

August 1939

First wave of characters is created


Goodman sells Marvel to Cadence Industires


Cadence sells Marvel to New World Entertainment


MacAndrews and Forbes holding company buys Marvel Entertainment

January 1989

Perelman and company sell 40% of Marvel in a public offering


Marvel buys trading-card manufacturer Fleer for $265 million.

July 4, 1992

Marvel buys comics distributor Heroes World Distribution.

December 28, 1994

Marvel buys trading-card manufacturer Skybox for $150 million.

March 9, 1995

Marvel Entertainment files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Dec. 27, 1996

Legal battle between holders of Marvel's bonds

1997 - 1998

The first Spider-Man feature film is released

May 2002

The Walt Disney Company announces the purchase of Marvel Entertainment Group

Aug. 31, 2009

Disney shareholders approve purchase of Marvel for $4.3 billion

December 31, 2009