Conflict In Syria

Major Events

Israeli Jets Attack Research Center Near Damascus


Israeli jets originally targeted a military vehicle carrying weaponry for the Hezbollah Shiite militia in Lebanon. They actually hit a research center instead located in the Damascus countryside. Two workers were killed and five were injured. Sources: SANA and The New York Times

Syrian Rebels Attack Military Checkpoints in Damascus


The opposition group attacked multiple checkpoints in the Syrian capitol. 12 members of the Syrian military were killed and 20 were wounded. The resumption of fighting can be described as part of a renewed effort by rebels to seize control of the Syrian capitol. Source: The New York Times

Syrian Army Rocket Strikes Aleppo


The rocket was aimed at the building of the rebel-held neighborhood of Aleppo. The rocket leveled the building and killed 19 people, of which 6 were children and 3 were women. The attack also left dozens buried under rubble. A video of the aftermath proved it was caused by a missile launched by the Syrian military. In response to this attack, Syrian rebels fired 7 mortar rounds toward President al-Assad's palace. Source: The New York Times

Multiple Car Bombings in Damascus


There were 3 car bombs in total, one was near the downtown headquarters of al-Assad's governing party and also the Russian embassy. All of the bombings took place at military checkpoints. A total of 72 people were killed, 26 of those were security forces. There is speculation that the bombings were caused by the more militant extremists among the rebels. Though, the opposition forces hold Assad's regime responsible for these attacks. This marks one of the worst bombings that have occurred since the start of conflict. Source: The New York Times

Iranian FM Calls On Countries to Shoulder Responsibilities for Syrian Conflict


In regards to solving the crisis in Syria, the Iranian Foreign Minister calls upon the UN for finding a peaceful solution. The Iranian official stresses the necessity for countries to condemn terrorist bombings. He also criticizes the U.S. Administration’s policy in combatting terrorism by calling it a “double standard policy”. Source: SANA

France Urges End To Arms Embargo On Syria


France urges the rest of their European Union partners to end the arms embargo on Syria so they can aid the opposition group with weapons. The French president stated that France is now ready to fully support the rebellion by aiding the rebels with weapons. He justified his decision with France’s inability to sit by and allow the Syrians to suffer any longer than they already have. Source: The New York Times

Syrian Jets Fire Into Lebanon


Two Syrian jets fired three rockets at empty buildings around the Lebanese town of Arsal, near the Syrian border. This event was stated to be a “significant escalation” for the ongoing conflict. Source: CNN

Rebels Use Chemical Weapons in Aleppo Fighting


Syrian rebels used chemical weapons in their fighting against the Syrian military around Aleppo. At least 25 were killed and over 100 wounded. Sources: SANA and NBC World News

Syrian Town, Dael, Seized By Rebel Fighters


The group Dawn of Islam Brigade led the battle and seized Dael and in the process of this, 3 military checkpoints were destroyed. The group is in association with the Free Syria Army. 24 combatants and 9 civilians were killed. Dael sits on an important highway that connects Damascus and Dara’a. Now the entire town is out of control of the Syrian government. This is a significant gain for the opposition forces. Source: The New York Times

Minor Events

Rebels Fight Over Syrian Airbase


Syrian rebels attempted to seize the Mannagh airbase. In the fight over the Mannagh airbase in Syria, 51 people were killed. The rebels were unable to seize control over the airbase. Source: CNN

Syrian Opposition Leader Meets With Russian Foreign Minister


Opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Details on purpose of meeting still remain unknown. Source: CNN

Syrian President Meets with Iranian Official


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with the Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, to discuss the Israeli attack on the research center near Damascus from the previous week. Jalili, along with Assad, condemns the attacks made on Syria and believes the attacks are proof of Israel's scheme to bring down Syria. Source: SANA

Syrian Rebels Attack Sports City in Damascus


Syrian rebels attacked the Stadium of Tishreen Sports City with two mortar shells. One of the shells hit a hotel next to the stadium where Syrian football players were staying. There was only one death and that was of football player Youssef Suleiman. Source: SANA

United States Pledge 60 Million in Aid to Syrian Opposition Group


This marked the first time the U.S. publicly committed itself to sending nonlethal aid to the rebels in Syria. The aid will go towards basic services like sanitation and education. Source: The New York Times

Syrian Rebels Attack Neighborhood Outside Damascus


A total of three mortar shells were fired by Syrian rebels. Three were killed, one of which was a child, and over 50 were injured. Source: SANA

Arab League's Support for Syrian Opposition Angers Syrian President

03/23/2013 - 03/27/2013

The Arab League showed support to fill the Syrian government’s place with the opposition group that has guaranteed to overthrow Assad. President Assad, in response, calls on the leaders of the BRICS group for support. The leaders responded with their desire for the violence in Syria to stop in order for the government to work with its people on a resolution. Sources: SANA and The New York Times

Syrian Airstrike On Mostly Kurdish District of Sheikh Maksoud


The airstrike on the district of Sheikh Maksoud was the work of the Syrian military. The airstrike killed 15 people, 9 of which were children. Sources: CNN

SANA Accuses Libya of Fueling Conflict In Syria


The state-run news agency, SANA, accused Libya of fueling the conflict in Syria because of their spreading of weapons to Syrian rebels. Source: SANA

Syrian Rebels Target Military Airports


In attempts to weaken the Syrian government’s airpower, the rebels targeted multiple military airports. Idlib’s Abu al-Zhuhoor military airport was of the targets. Fighter planes and helicopters are deployed from here to shell Idlib and nearby areas. Also, the airport disputes ammunition by helicopter to nearby military camps. Source: CNN