AP World Unit 3

Chinese Dynasties

Sui Dynasty

581 ad - 618 ad

Reunited China after 400 years of conflict
Started the Grand Canal

Tang Dynasty

618 ad - 907 ad

Finished the Grand Canal
Supported Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism
Fell because of peasant revolts

Song Dynasty

960 ad - 1279 ad

Used the tribute system
Absorbed into the Mongol Empire
Had an economic revolution

Nomadic Empires


800 ad - 1100 ad

In present-day Scandinavia
Seasonal raids into Europe


1000 ad - 1450 ad

From central Asian steppes
Hired by Muslims as mercenaries, or soldiers
Seljuk Turks converted to Islam


1200 ad - 1550 ad

Genghis Khan
Quick mobility
Kublai Khan ruled the Yuan Dynasty in China