AP European History Timeline


Popes at Avingnon

1305 - 1377
  • Popes in France, not Italy
  • Lead up to Great Schism

Dante, Divine Comedy

1313 - 1321
  • His text was inspired by the Black Death
  • Written in the vernacular

100 Years War

1346 - 1453
  • Battle of Crecy: 1346
  • Battle of Agincourt: 1415 (Joan of Arc)
  • Causes: English presence in France, Succession of French monarchy

Black Death

1347 - 1351
  • Third of European Population DEAD
  • Started art in which people focused on death

Peasant Revolution in France

  • Known as the Jacquerie
  • Wanted greater feedoms, better pay due to lack of people after Black Death

Great Schism

1377 - 1417
  • Divided Catholic Church
  • 2, then 3 Popes at one time

Chaucer, Canterbury Tales

1380 - 1400
  • Vernacular writing
  • Start date is rough
  • Never finished

Peasant Revolt in England

  • Most prominant Peasant Revolt
  • Wanted greater feedoms, better pay due to lack of people after Black Death

Civic Humanism in Florence, Italy

1400 - 1440
  • Dates are approximate since this is an idea
  • Humanity's only limitation is itself
  • Focus on the individual, not on religion
  • "Men can do all things if they will" (Leon Battista Alberti)

Battle of Agincourt

  • English Longbow beats French Noble Knights

Joan of Arc

1429 - 1431
  • Reinspired the French armies to take Orleans
  • Changed the course of the war to French favor
  • Not lifetime dates; dates of French recovery under Joan of Arc

Rule of Cosimo de' Medici

1434 - 1464
  • Became the dominant banking dynasty of the Medici family
  • In Florence

War of the Roses

1450 - 1485
  • Lancaster (red rose) vs. York (white rose)
  • Yorks won with Henry Tudor, starting Tudor dynasty

Invention of printing press with movable type

1452 - 1453
  • Gutenberg (~200 Bibles)
  • Dates for mass printing of Bibles, not invention

Fall of Constantinople, Byzantine Empire

  • Sacked by Ottoman Turks under Sultan Murad

Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella

  • Ferdinand of Aragon
  • Isabella of Castile

Rule of Lorenzo de' Medici

1469 - 1492
  • Rule of Medici family after Cosimo de' Medici

Italian Renaissance Art

1480 - 1520
  • Based in Florence
  • Imitation of Nature
  • Leonardo da Vinci: Last Supper
  • Michaelangelo: Sistine Chapel, David
  • Raphael: School of Athens
  • Donatello: girlier David

Dias sails around the tip of Africa

  • Portuguese gain control of the west coast of Africa

Voyages of Columbus

1492 - 1502
  • Discovery of American continent
  • Spanish make first push into global imperialism

Northern Renaissance Art

1500 - 1530
  • Exact portrayl of physical world, shadowing, detail, dimension, perspective
  • Jan van Eyck
  • Alberecht Dürer (Nuremburg)


1503 - 1509
  • Dates of importance
  • Wanted reform in Catholic church, society in general
  • Praise of Folly
  • Handbook of the Christian Knight

Machiavelli's The Prince

  • New perspective for rulers
  • Power over Popularity
  • Men are "ungrateful, fickle, deceptive and deceiving, avoiders of danger, and eager to gain"

Thomas More's Utopia

  • Reflected More's social, political, economic, and cultural views
  • Presented a social system where cooperation and reason outweighed fame and power
  • Opposed to Catholic reform
  • Executed for not bowing down to Henry VIII after the formation of the Anglican Church

Luther's 95 Theses

  • Call for reform in the Catholic church
  • Themes such as abolition of indulgences, pluralism;
  • Dissagreement over sacraments, specifically Communion (transubstanciation)
  • Universal Priesthood
  • Bible as ultimate authority
  • Salvation by Grace alone

First boatload of slaves arrive in the New World

  • Cheap labor for industries of New World (sugar, rum, later cotton)

Spanish conquest of Mexico

1519 - 1522
  • Spanish continue to dominate American continent with conquest of Aztec Empire under Hernán Cortés

Habsburg-Valois Wars (1st-4th)

1521 - 1544
  • Between France and the Habsburg Empire
  • Distracted Charles V so he could not properly combat the spread of Protestantism

Sack of Rome

  • Rome is now definately not powerful (other than Pope). Huzzah.
  • Bryce: "Isn't the sack of Rome when the dude came and slapped the Pope in the face?"

Castiglione's Book of the Courtier

  • Exemplified what traits and disciplines an Aristrocratic "Rennaisance Man" should have
  • Possess fundamental native endowment (character, grace, talents, noble birth)
  • Cultivate certain achievements (military and physical exercise)
  • Classical education, music, drawing, painting
  • Standard of conduct (good impressions, modest, show accomplishments with grace)

Spanish conquest of Inca

1530 - 1535
  • Conquered by Francisco Pizarro

Portuguese arrive in Japan

  • Another major step into the coming age of global imperialism

Council of Trent

1545 - 1563
  • Dealt with growing popularity of Protestantism
  • Created Jesuits

Peace of Augsburg

  • Allowed the Habsburg Princes to decide the religion of their ruling
  • Between Catholicism and Lutheranism (Not Calvinism)

Revolt of the Netherlands

1566 - 1609
  • Caused rise of the Council of Troubles

Spanish Armada

  • Catholics tried to invade and destroy the Anglicans

Edict of Nantes

  • Henry of Navarre (Henry IV) gave rights to the Huguenots to take towns and fortify them
  • Later overturned by Louis XIV (controlled by Richelieu)

Thirty Years War

1617 - 1648

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