H. Darren Stiles Life Timeline

Timeline for character H. Darren Stiles in MES Werewolf: The Apocalypse LARP.




Born to (Mother) among Black Fury Pack, (Mother) is convinced to give up baby to Children of Gaia.

Fostered with Swenson Family

11-10-92 - 10-1-02

Meets Ingrid "Big Sis" Swenson, fostered among Children of Gaia Kinfolk.

Meets Lucy


Meets Lucy Renard, when the two are forced to be lab partners in a biology class. Later, she reveals she's discovered the secret of what he is.

Garou Life

Events specifically with his Garou side.

Cub Training

10-2-02 - 12-16-03

Cub training at (Sept)

Rite of Passage


Completes Rite of Passage, Dedicates to Cockroach, joins Glass Walker tribe.


12/18/03 - 06/28/09

Time as a Cliath.

Met Felicia Baxter for Werewolf 101


Near Rockport, MA

Fostern Challenge Completed


Completes Fostern Challenge.


06/29/09 - Present

Time as Fostern.

Human Life

Events specifically with his Human side.

Undergraduate College

8/15/04 - 07/15/05

University of Missouri Kansas City, Undergraduate classes in Pre-Med/Biology.

UMKC Medical School

8/21/05 - 05/29/09

UMKC for medical school.

Surgical Residency

07/01/09 - 06/15/12

Moves to Little Rock, Begins Surgical Residency at UAMS.