Enlightenments and Revolutions


Queen Mary and King william


Stuart king James II replaced by Mary and William of Orange.

English Bill of Rights


Parliament passed the English Bill of Rights, which limits the power of the crown.


1689 - 1755

Related the "natural law" with the politics, creating the system of "checks and balance"

Essay concerning Human Understanding


John Locke's essay regarding theory of knowledge.


1694 - 1778

Writer of famous work "Candide", which is a satire that incorporates humor with serious lesson regarding the slavery.

John Wesley

1703 - 1791

Lead the "Great Awakening" in the age of revolutions. Influenced William Wilberforce to form SAST

Denis Diderot

1713 - 1784

A freelance writer from France

The Spirit of the Law


Montesquieu's work, which assesses the "natural law" governing social and political relationship.

Tsar Alexander II

1855 - 1881

Divine-right monarch of Russia who released the emancipation on 1861in attempt to reform Russia

Alexander II's Emancipation


A proclamation that gave peasants of Russia rights of purchasing their close and acquiring properties

Lincoln's Emancipation


A proclamation that essentially "free" the slaves in the United States of America