Cold war, Arms race, Space race


US Arms Race

FIrst US Atomic Bomb Detonated

July 16, 1945

Drop The A-bomb on Hiroshima

August 6,1945

United States Hires German Rocket Scientists For V-2 Rocket Development

june 15, 1946

H-bomb Castle-Bravo test

march 1,1954

US Atlas Missile Development

jun 11, 1957

Soviet Union Arms Race

USSR takes over Czechoslovakia.

Feb 25, 1948


Aug 29, 1949

First Soviet atomic bomb test. Known as Joe-1 to the West, referencing Joseph Stalin, it was called "First Lightning" (Первая молния, Pervaya molniya) in the USSR.

Tsar Bomba

Oct 30, 1961

The "King of Bombs," a nickname for the Soviet AN602 hydrogen bomb, the most powerful weapon ever detonated.

Cuban Missle Crisis

oct 14, 1962

Test Ban Treaty

Aug 5, 1963

Treaty between UK, USSR and US limits nuclear testing. France and China reject it and develop their own weapons.

US Space Race

V2 Rockets


U.S. Satellite Launch Announced

Jul 29, 1955

James C. Hagerty, president Eisenhower's press secretary, announced that the U.S. planned to launch "small Earth circling satellites" between 1 July 1957 and 31 December 1958 as part of the International Geophysical Year (IGY)

Explorer 1 reaches orbit lead to the discovery of the van alen radiation belt

Jan 31, 1958

NASA Formed

Jul 25, 1958

Monkeys In Space

May 28, 1959

First American in Space

May 5, 1961

First man to walk on the moon

July 20, 1969

this ended the space race.

Soviet Union Space Race

Sputnik 1 lanched

Oct 4, 1957

Sputnik 2 carried small dog into orbit

Nov 3, 1957

First (Russian) Man in Space

Apr 12, 1961

First man in space and orbited the earth once

First woman in space

Jun 16, 1963

Luna 9 First space craft soft land on moon.

Feb 3, 1966

Luna 10 becomes the first satellite to orbit the moon.

Apr 3, 1966