Cold War Arms Race and Space Race


U.S Arms Race

Trinity test

july 16 1945

worlds 1st atomic bomb test started the arms race

Dropped The Atomic Boom on Hiroshima

August 6 1945

America tests bomb

july 25 1946

unclear water

President Truman approaches Hydrogen Bomb development

January 30 1950

US Atlas Missles

June 11 1957

-Can travel 6,000 miles

Soviet Union Arms Race

First soviet atomic bomb test

August 20 1949

King of bombs

october 30 1961

tsar most powerful ever detonated

Test Ban Trendy

August 5 1963

USA and russia agree to limit nuclear testing

Cuba Missile crisis

october 14 2962

russia moves Missiles to cuba so they could reach USA

U.S Space Race

USA launches satellite

July 25 1955

Explorer 1 satellite

january 31 1958

Launched into space remains in orbit tell 1970

Rocket explodes carrying satellite

december 6 1958


Soviet Union Space Race

Soviets created a space program

August 30 1955

to try and best us into space

sputhink i rocket launches satellite into space

october 4 1957

Yuri gagarin first man in space

april 12 1961

alexey leonou first ma not walk in space

march 19 1965