Texan Independence and Mexican-American War

Texan Independence and Mexican-American War

Santa Anna Seizes Power


Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna seizes power in Mexico City

Texas Rebels Against Mexico


Texans rebel against mexico by seizing several garrisons.

Texas Declares Independence


Texas declares independence and adopts a republican constitution.

Santa Anna Attacks the Alamo

March 1836

Santa Anna attacks the Alamo in a battle lasting 12 days.

Battle of San Jacinto

April 1836

Santa Anna is defeated and Texas gains its independence from Mexico (mostly) at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Election of 1844

November 1844

The election of 1844 was a conflict between the expansionist Jacksonian Democrat James Polk and Whig Henry Clay, who opposed annexation.

Texas Enters Union


Texas Enters the Union as a slave state.

Mexican Patrol Kills Eleven US Soldiers

May 1846

A Mexican patrol kills eleven US soldiers, giving Polk and Congress an excuse to start a war.

Congress Declares War on Mexico

May 13 1846

Congress vptes overwhelmingly to declares war on Mexico.

Polk Compromises with the British over Oregon

June 1846

The British and the US compromise to each get half of the Oregon Territory.

US Captures NM and California

June 1846 - August 1846

Stephen Kearny conquers New Mexico while John Fremont gains control of California, before they join up to get complete control over all of California.

Taylor Captures Monterrey

September 1846

Taylor Captures Monterrey

Taylor Defeats Santa Anna at Buena Vista

February 1847

Taylor defeats Santa Anna in a bloody battle at Buena Vista with a significantly smaller number of troops.

Scott Captures Mexico City

September 1847

After seizing the Mexican port of Veracruz, Scott faced resistance at Chapultepee before taking control of Mexico City.