American Migration and Expansion

American Migration and Expansion

Spanish Rule of Mexico Ends


A revolution removes Spanish rule in Mexico and establishes a republic.

Jedediah Smith Reaches California


Jedediah Smith crossed the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada

The Whitmans Found a Mission


Marcus and Narcissa Whitman found a mission at Walla Walla.

John Fremont Leads Expedition Westward


The government-sponsored expedition led by John Fremont sets off.

John O'Sullivan Writes Inspirational Editorial

December 27, 1845

John O'Sullivan writes inspirational editorial on manifest destiny.

Joseph Smith Killed by a Mob


Joseph Smith is killed by a mob in Illinois, and Brigham Young takes over as leader of the Mormons.

The Donner Party Gets Lost


The Donner Party gets lost in the Sierra Nevada and resorts to cannibalism to prevent starvation in the snow.

Brigham Young Leads Mormons to New Zion


Brigham Young leads the Mormons westward, but stops at the Great Salt Lake and founds New Zion.

Whitmans Killed by Natives


The Whitmans are killed by Native Americans in response to a measles epidemic.

The Treaty of Fort Laramie


Keeps the Indians away from major trails. (at least on paper...)