History of St Helen's House


Built by Joseph Pickford

01/01/1766 - 01/01/1767

St Helen’s House was built in 1776, by Joseph Pickford, a British Architect for John Gisborne, alderman of Yoxall Lodge, Staffordshire.

Strutt Family Dwelling

01/01/1801 - 01/01/1860

The building was used as a private estate for the Strutt family. It was first lived in by William Strutt, the son of Jedediah Strutt, the cotton pioneer. It was then later home to Edward Strutt, 1st Baron Belper in 1856. It was also the birthplace of Henry Strutt, 2nd Baron Belper.

Derby Grammar School

01/01/1861 - 01/01/1862

Strutt Family loaned the building to Derby Grammar School for the academic year.

Derby Grammar School

01/01/1863 - 01/01/1966

The building was used bought by the Derby School, a grammar school for boys.


01/09/1939 - 01/09/1945

Due to World War II, the school was evacuated and left unused, until the war was over

Jospeh Wright Art School

01/01/1966 - 01/01/1972

The building was used as the Jospeh Wright Art School, after the school moved to Littleover. However, this was only for a short while

Adult Education Centre

01/01/1972 - 01/05/2004

The building served as an adult education centre however, has been disused since 2004, when the Council said it could not afford the £5m repair costs.

Bought by Richard Blunt

11/01/2006 - 04/30/2013

In November, Richard bought the building was sold by Derby City Council to Richard Blunt, a veteran property developer on a 299-year leasehold.

He has since refurbished the building.