Major Events in Cambodian History (1930-1970)


Revolts begin against french rule

1930 - 1935

These revolts began because the Cambodian people felt that they were not being treated in the same sense as the French motto in the revolution; "liberty and equality".

Prince Sihanouk becomes King

01/01/1941 - 12/12/1941

Cambodia gains independence from the French

01/01/1953 - 12/12/1953

Vietnam War

1955 - 1970

Sihanouk tried to maintain neutrality for Cambodia by alternating his support between North Vietnam and the USA, however, this did not prevent the war from spilling over into Cambodia.

Prince Sihanouk abdicates

01/01/1955 - 12/12/1955

He does this to enforce democracy in Cambodia. He starts his own political party called Popular Socialist Community.

Pol Pot and his political party forced to flee Phnom Penh

01/01/1960 - 12/31/1960

He was deeply distrusted by Sihanouk, and was seen as a threat to his power.

Sihanouk Ovethrown

01/01/1970 - 12/31/1970

Sihanouk is overthrown the first of 3 times while visiting France, Cambodians supported the coup because they thought Cambodia's government as unstable