Gaius Julius Caesar's Timeline

By Alejandro Guerrero



100 B.C.

Gaius Julius Caesar was born to Aurelia Cotta and Julius Caesar.

1st Marriage

84 B.C.

Julius Caesar marries his first wife, Cornelia Cinnilla.

Death of Father

84 B.C.

Julius Caesar's father dies.

Roman Army

81 B.C.

Julius Caesar joins the Roman Army at 19 years old.

1 wife down, 2 to go!!!

76 B.C.

Caesar's wife Cornelia dies.

Pirates! ARGH!!

75 B.C.

On his way to spend his winter in the Islands of Rhodes, he was captured by pirates for 40 days.

Caesar Elected

68 B.C.

Caesar was elected Quaestor (public official who supervised financial affairs) and got a seat in the Senate.


67 B.C.

Caesar marries his 2nd wife, Pompeia, 2 years after Cornellia"s death.


65 B.C.

Caesar is elected Aedile, which takes care of provisions, organizes games, and repairs to the city.

2 wives down, 1 to go!!!

62 B.C.

Divorces Pompeia after a scandal at Pompeia's party, where a man sneaked in dressed as a woman, and Pompeia was suspected of having an affair.

Further Spain

61 B.C.

Sent to province of Further Spain as pro magistrate.

The First Triumvirate

60 B.C.

Caesar returns from Spain, forms an allegiance with Pompey and Crassus called "The First Triumvirate"

For a third time, Marriage

59 B.C.

Marries Calpurnia Pisonis.


59 B.C.

Caesar is elected consul and made dictator of Rome for life.

Pompey's Wife

59 B.C.

Pompey marries Caesar's daughter, Julia.

Caesar leaves

58 B.C. - 49 B.C.

Caesar leaves Rome and goes to Gaul. He conquered what is most of present-day Central Europe. Didn't return for 9 years.

Crassus's Death

54 B.C.

Crassus is killed at a battle by the Parthians.

Julia's Death

54 B.C.

Julia dies at childbirth, weakening the unsteady bond between Pompey and Julius.

Battle: Julius vs. Pompey

48 B.C.

At the battle of Pharsalus, in Greece, between Julius and Pompey. Julius's army won, but Pompey fled to Egypt.

Pompey's Death

48 B.C.

Pompey fled to Egypt, where he was beheaded. When Caesar arrived at Egypt looking for Pompey, he was presented with Pompey's head.

3 DOWN!!!

44 B.C.

Caesar didn't have a chance to divorce Calpurnia, third and final wife, before his death, so he technically didn't have a wife anymore.

Death of Caesar!!!!!!!

44 B.C.

On March 15, 44 B.C., as Caesar was walking into the Senate House, he was brutally stabbed 23 times by his so called "friends",
Brutus and Cassius. Before dying, he said "Et tu, Brute?", meaning "And you, Brutus?"