Ancient Assyria

Civlization Events

Assyria's Civilization

2400 B.C. - 612 B.C.

Assyria Becomes a Civilization

2400 B.C.

Assyria is established in Northern Mesopotamia

Assyrian Civilization Ends

612 B.C.

Assyria Is taken over in about 612 B.C.E.

Important Events

City Establishments

2500 B.C.

The cities of Ashur, Arbel and Nineveh are thriving.

Assyrian Kingdom Establishment

2371 B.C.

Sargon of Akkad rises to power, establishing the first Assyrian kingdom in South Mesopotamia.

Assyrian Trade and Comerce

2000 B.C.

Assyrian merchant colonies in Cappadocia are well established by this time. From the Assyrian clay tablets found at these sites, trade with the city of Ashur in tin and textiles was the main business.

Laws and Codes

1765 B.C.

The great code of Hammurabi is produced in Babylon.