Ancient Maya


Mayan Setted

2600 B.C

writing is in mesoamerica

700 B.C.

Solar Calenders are used in Maya

400 B.C

The earliest known solar calenders are used in Ancient Maya.

Hierarchical society is used.

300 B.C

Maya adopts the idea of a hierarchical society ruled by nobles and kings.

The Decline of the Olmecs civilization.

100 A.D

The Maya city Tikal becomes the first great Maya city.

500 A.D

They introduced things like weapony, captives, ritual practices, & human sacrifice.

Tikal is abandoned.

899 A.D.

THe civilization of Tikal is abandoned.

Northeren citys in Maya are abandoned.


Ancient Maya Ends

1200 A.D.

Hernan Cortez begins exploring Yucatan.


Yucatan is a city-state.

The ruins of Tikal are discovered.


They were discovered by a spanish priest and his companions who were lost in the jungle.