Important events: 1990-present


Bill Clinton defeats George W. Bush


A lot of people were disappointed, but at the same time, a lot of people were happy.

Truck bomb explodes under World Trade Center


Killing 6 injuring thousands
This event really hurt America. Especially the people who were related the the killed and injured.

Oklahoma City Bombing


Killed 168 wounded 800
This scarred America and really upset loved ones of the killed and injured.

War on Terror

9/2001 - Present

This war has killed many of our soldiers. Our soldiers keep us safe and risk their lives for us everyday.



Killing about 3000 and injuring around 6000
This event really hurt all of America. First the Twin Towers, than the Pentagon building, and lastly crashed a plane in a field. Even people who didn't have loved ones in one off those incidents were very hurt.

Beltway Sniper Attack

10/1/2002 - 10/24/2002

Sniper kills 10 and injures 3. Attacks took place around the Washington D.C area.
This event also hurt America. Just imagine if this guy didn't get caught.

Massachusetts first state to legalize gay marriage


A lot of people disagree with what Massachusetts did. In my opinion, people should marry who they want. If they want to go against God, let them. It's their decision. It shouldn't be illegal.

Obama won presidency :(


A LOT of people were upset with this. I think most of them were upset because he's black. People were also upset of other reasons. One being because he's a democrat. Others were happy because it's now easier to get on welfare than it is to get off their lazy butts and get a job.

Michael Jackson died


King of pop. A lot of people loved his music. People were upset when this happened.

Boston marathon bombing


Killing 3 and wounding at least 176.
How did this impact America? Well, I'm not sure yet. It's still going on in a way. People are still being impacted differently than before because they're still finding out more information.