Viktor's life

Victor Frankl born in Vienna

1905 - 1997

he live 92 years

He earns his doctorade in medicine.



1939 - 1945

Frankl has 34 years

Frankl, his wife and family are arrested and sent to concentration camp.

1942 - 1944

His mother is immediately murdered in the gas chamber, and Tilly is moved to Bergen-Belsen, where she is to die at the age of 24.

Frankl is transported, to Kaufering and Türkheim (camps)

1944 - 1945

he comes down with typhoid fever. To avoid fatal collapse during the nights he keeps himself awake by reconstructing his book manuscript on slips of paper stolen from the camp office.

the camp is liberated by U.S troops.


In August Frankl returns to Vienna, where he learns, within a span of a few days, about the death of his wife, his mother and his brother who has been murdered in Auschwitz together with his wife.

Publishes his book Man´s search for meaning.

1946 - 1997

By 1997 more than 9 million copies of this book had been sold.