Timeline of Pre-Wrath and Wrath

Percival Clarke

Main Character of Volume 1

Percival's Birth

October 31, 1903

Born to Renee and Halim Clarke (father, Halim--Indian--married into Renee--English--'s family)


October 31, 1903 - July 17, 1988

The time when Percival was still "Percival".

Percival Met Clemente for the First Time

July 17, 1914

10 years old by this point, Percival is still a happy-go-lucky kid who lives and works on his family's farm.
Clemente was traveling as a doctor, for no real reason. When he happened upon Percival's village, the two bonded.

Village Caught on Fire

August 5, 1919

Everything except for Percival burned to the ground. He was out collecting herbs in the forest during the middle of the night with Clemente (a daily ritual by that point) when it occured. Percival was technically at fault, as he forgot to completely smother the fire he set. Wind picked up and flew hot coals/sparks to nearby barns/fields blowing the fire way out of proportion and encircling the entire village--no escape.

Left Clemente

October 31, 1919

At 16, Percival decides to leave Clemente's side to try and sort out his emotions.


November 20, 1920

Died in a gang fight (wrong place, wrong time)--17 years old

Became Immortal

December 1, 1920

thanks to Clemente and Myron--17 years old.

Photograph Taken

July 17, 1924

as the ten year anniversary of their meeting, Percival and Clemente have their picture taken together in front of a fountain

"The Light of Truth"

January 1, 1925

Charles W. Naylor meets Percival and composes a song with him in mind. He now understands why he wrote "We Reap as We Sow"--it fits Percival.
"God must have ordained it for us to meet here and now, good brother in the Lord!"

Myron Left

January 6, 1930

Due to his healing abilities and the looming Great Depression (and war), Myron heads off to see if he can be of use for society.
Percival is 26 years old.

Betrayl of Clemente

July 17, 1988

Percival is 84 years old. He's had a fine relationship with Clemente (his father figure) for more than the past half century. But in the recent years, he had been acting strange.
Finally, on the anniversary of their meeting, Clemente tries to kill Percival, but Percival manages to get away.

Named Pierce

April 2, 1993

Named by a small child on the street due to Percival's piercing eyes.


April 2, 1993 - October 31, 2010

When Percival is no longer Percival, but is now Pierce. from 89 years old to 107 years old--so far.

Met Azalea

June 16, 2009

At 105 Years of Age, Pierce meets the badass Azalea. They don't mesh well.

Joined Resistance

November 1, 2009

Via Azalea. Pierce is 106 years old and no one knows he's immortal.
He claims to be 18ish.
His story keeps changing, but he doesn't care.

Attained Rank of Lieutenant Colonel

March 23, 2010

In under one year, Pierce manages to speed up the ranks and resides right below Azalea. They are in the uper-crust of the Resistance.

Azalea Laskaris

Main Character of Volume 2


January 13, 1990


January 13, 1990 - February 20, 2005

Met Deo

May 8, 1999

At 9 years old, Azura meets her best friend and first love.

Lost Parents

September 2, 2004

At 14, Azura is orphaned and is forced to take care of her two younger brothers single-handedly. Deo helps the best he can

Lost Deo

January 17, 2005

At 15, Azura helplessly watches her love and best friend die in her arms.

Joined Organization

January 19, 2005

Joins the Organization while still not in her right mind. So much loss in so little time has left her unstable for the time being.


February 21, 2005 - December 31, 2011

Given the Name "Azura"

February 21, 2005

Meaning "Dry Earth"--she wants to be strong. Acts as a cover for her position in the Organization.

Brothers Die

August 4, 2007

Due to a mistake which was supposed to be given to her, Azalea's brothers catch the virus and have to be killed by Azalea's own hands.

Leaves Organization

August 12, 2007

Although keeping her name--wanting to stick to the promise she made to Deo--Azalea turns her back on the Organization. She is a scorned woman. Numbed to her feelings and refusing to back down.

Joins Resistance

September 20, 2007

Attained Rank as Colonel

January 13, 2009

The youngest of her time, Azalea is the quickest to climb the ladder of the Resistance (until Pierce, of course).

Met Pierce

June 16, 2009

At 19 years of age, the badass Azalea meets the carefree and lost Pierce. She notices the rage and pain behind his nonchalant eyes, but says nothing--knowing full well that he sees the same in hers. They initially don't mesh well. At all.

New Lieutenant!

March 23, 2010

Pierce becomes her new Lieutenant Colonel. He now manages to take her title of youngest and fastest to ever climb the ranks. Azalea isn't exactly happy.

Clemente Filus Elye

Main Character of Volume 7


490 BC - December 31, 2017

Encountered Myron

450 AD

After finding the perfect location for his Fortress, Clemente finds the area to already be inhabited--by a large clan of Kitsune. The bastard child of the clan--Myron--and him meet. They get along fine.

"Owned" Myron

485 AD

Clemente promises not to kill off the clan in exchange for a helper. Myron's mother, Sinopa (the chief), offers her beautiful daughters/nieces to Clemente. But Clemente wants Myron; even though he's the one rejected and shunned by the family for being male (kitsune are supposed to be female). Sinopa immediately accepts, taking this as a gift from their god, and doesn't even say goodbye to her son.

Built His Fortress

500 AD

With the handy help of magic, Clemente builds and shields his fortress. He makes it do that no one can enter

Met Percival

July 17, 1914

Leaving his fortress to Myron, Clemente goes off on his own to simply wander. He feels alone in the world since Jess died.

Allows Myron his Freedom

January 6, 1930

Myron has been a faithful and respectful friend as well as servant for many centuries. Clemente takes compassion upon his friend as Myron asks him for his first request--to be able to help the sickly humans.

Once a Century Curse

July 17, 1988

This particular one causes Clemente's life as he knew it to be flung into chaos and sorrow.
He tries to get away from Percival--his beloved--but not in time. The curse (portrayed by the withered tree on his right ribs--start to bloom when the time nears; when the tree has ten blooms, it is a '88 year--CURSE TIME.) given to him by Bezellebub when Clemente rejected joining Lucifer. Given out of spite, because Clemente wasn't yet warped by sin. Bezellebub wanted him to taste some of the sin that each of the devils experience.