Civil Rights Era DBQ 1947-1972


Little Rock Central High School


Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus uses the NAtional Guard to block nine black students from attending LRCHS
EXP: This event early in the Civil rights Movement conveyed that parts of the United States, specifically the South, were not ready for the radical change advocated by the Movement.

Southern Chrstian Leadership Conference Established

1/1958 - 2/1958

Martin Luther King named president of the SCLC.
EXP: The SCLC organized many of the peaceful protests and held its principles of nonviolence and civil disobedience. This organization conveys the nonviolent method and leadership that generated change during the Civil Rights Movement.

Malcolm X's segement "The Hate That Hate Produced"


Brought a new method in the Civil Rights Movement through aggressive economic and political empowerment of African Americans.
EXP: Malcolm X's speech represented the more aggressive leadership and ideas from the evolving Civil Rights Movement including a shift towards economic and political empowerment of African Americans.

Freedom Riders

1961 - 11/1/61

Test new laws prohibiting segregation
EXP: The increasing efforts of college students and young Americans of many races, to rally support of equal rights conveys the changing American mentality towards Civi Rights.

"I have a Dream" Martin Luther King


MLK gives this famous speech in front of thousands of supporters at the March on Washington
EXP: this widely Televised Event increased the positive opinions toward the Civil Rights Movement and consequently contributed to the new Civil Rights legislation that would consequently come out. Dr. King rallied more support from African Americans through his inspirational words, sad tone and communication that the hardships were worth it to get to this point.

Integration of military reserve units


Department of Defense orders complete integration of military reserve units
EXP: the integration of the military reserve units was a large step in transforming the American government to comply with the Civil Rights Legislature that was being passed at the time.

March on Birmingham


March lead by Martin Luther King in Birmingham, Alabama. Police Chief Bull Connor attacks the protesters with dogs and firehouse. the violent attacks made on the marchers were televised and documented.
EXP: the March on Birmingham was an example of Dr. King's nonviolent methods that lead the Movement that faced a growing violent resistance; in addition, the televised and documented violence initiated by Chief Connor spread the need for change and further development of the movement.

Race Riots

1/1/1964 - 12/30/1964

Race Riots in NYC, Elizabeth NJ; Jersey City, NJ; and Philadelphia, PA
EXP: The race riots that erupted mostly in North Eastern America reflected the resistance of Americans to accept a restructure of society.

Civil RIghts Act


declared discrimination base on race illegal--the most sweeping Civil Rights act since Reconstruction
EXP: the Civil Rights Act demonstrated the progress accomplishment achieved through the nonviolent efforts of Martin Luther King and leaders alike.

Mississippi Freedom Summer


Efforts by college students to have black voters registered in Mississippi.
EXP: It helped break down the decades of isolation and repression that were the foundation of the Jim Crow system through increasing media attention surrounding the Civil Rights Movement.

Selma to Montgomery March


March organized to protect voting rights. Over a period of 7 days the marchers are beaten, gassed, and shot at.
EXP: The march continued to shift public opinion of the Civil Rights Movement due to the media coverage of the violence which consequently shifted the public interpretations of the segregationist movement from one seeming to protect the social structure to an act of terrorism against nonwhites.

Black Panther Party for Self Defense formed


the Black Panther Party was a militant party lead by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale that called on African Americans to arm themselves and empower themselves for the liberation struggle.
EXP: The popularization of Black Power and the Black Panther party conveys the shift toward violence in the methods and leadership as well as the shift toward a demand for a change in society which can only come with time.

Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.


EXP: Thea assassination of one of the greatest leaders of the Civil Rights Movement greatly discouraged the hopes of many and increased the anger many felt allowing Malcolm X and Elija Mohammed's Black Power to gain support.