Elvis Aaron Presley

The Life of the King.


The King was Born


Elvis Presley was born in a 2-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935. He would've had a twin brother, but Jessie, his twin, was stillborn.

1st Grade, Here I Come!!!!


1st Grade was pretty cool for Elvis. His Teachers did regard him as "average" for a student.

6th Grade, Here We Go!!!


He Brought his guitar in always and played and sang during lunchtime. He was often teased and called a "trashy" kid.

Guitars Are Awesome!!


Elvis received his guitar on January 8, 1946 on his 11th Birthday,
But he was hoping for a bicycle or a rifle.

Moving to Memphis!


Elvis Presley and his family Moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1948.

Graduation From High School!


Elvis Graduated From Humes High School!!!

His Career of Music Starts!


He Worked with Sun Records. His instrument Players were
Scotty More and Bill Black

His first good Movie!


The Film was "Love Me Tender", They said he "Made his film debut" in that Film.

The King Goes To War!?


They used to Draft people to the military, this happened to Elvis.

The Death Of A King. :'(


The Death of a King, alright. Very dramatic, but it happened.
He died in his Memphis home, Graceland, 1977.