Woodstock Festival


People Arrive at Woodstock

August 13, 1969 7 am - August 15, 1969 4 pm

People began to camp out at Woodstock starting on the 13th. As the date got closer, traffic jams reduced the interstate to a standstill.

Day One

August 15, 1969 5 pm - August 16, 1969 2 am

Richie Havens

August 15, 1969 5:00 pm - August 15, 1969 5:30 pm

Richie Havens was begged to play the opening spot of Woodstock after the band that was scheduled, Sweetwater, did not arrive.

Ravi Shankar

August 15, 1969 10 pm - August 15, 1969 10:15 pm

Ravi Shankar stands out from the other musicians because he is a traditional Indian musician, which is not what one would expect from a pop festival. He taught The Beatles' George Harrison to play the sitar, a traditional Indian instrument.

Joan Baez

August 16, 1969 1 am - August 16, 1969 1:45 AM

Joan Baez provided a more relaxing end to the day, wishing everyone a "good morning" before beginning her performance. After her performance, it began to rain heavily.

Day Two

August 16, 1969 12:15 pm - August 17, 1969 9:30 am


August 16,1969 2 pm - August 16,1969 2:30 pm

Santana was largely unknown coming to the festival, but his performance turned out to be a success and one of the more memorable moments of the festival.

The Grateful Dead

August 16,1969 10:30 pm - August 16, 1969 11:45 Pm

The Grateful Dead's performance was riddled with complications, flooding and malfunctions with equipment caused the performance to be choppy.

Jefferson Airplane

August 17,1969 8 am - August 17,1969 9:30 Am

Jefferson Airplane was one of the biggest bands on the San Francisco music scene, and had gained stardom at the Monterey Pop Festival in California.

Day Three

August 17, 1969 2 pm - August 18, 1969 11:30 am

Joe Cocker

August 17,1969 2 pm - August 17,1969 2:45 pm

Joe Cocker was relatively unknown in the music business before his performance, but afterwards he became a celebrity. His version of The Beatles' "With a Little Help From my Friends" gained him recognition. After his performance, rain washed out the stage and performances were halted for a few hours.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, (and Young)

August 18, 1969 3 am - August 18, 1969 3:45 am

Crosby, Stills, and Nash formed a band after their previous bands failed. They were extremely well received, but it was only their second gig together. After the festival, they rather focused on their individual careers rather than the band.

Jimi Hendrix

August 18, 1969 9 am - August 18, 1969 11 am

Jimi Hendrix had one of most memorable and also the longest performance of Woodstock. It was during this set in which he played his rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" that has become famous.


Heavy rain falls on Woodstock, performances are halted

August 17, 1969 3 pm - August 17, 1969 5:45 pm