Syrian Civil War

Political Discussion in Syria

Proposed National Dialouge

01/21/2013 - 01/22/2013

Minister al-Muallem discusses a political program to resolve the conflicts in Syria via a national dialouge conference. While stating this, he stresses the importance of avoiding foreign intervention.

Syrian Christians speak out

02/05/2013 - 02/06/2013

Syrian Christians express their liking for the al-Assad regime, stating their fear that radical Islamists will target them if the rebels take power.

Launch of Political Dialouge

02/06/2013 - 02/07/2013

Syrian officials launch the political dialouge program, aimed at both stabilizing the government and improving the quality of life for Syrian civilians.

Deadline for interim government

02/28/2013 - 03/01/2013

The National Coalition claims that the head of the interim government will be announced "within 10 days," (CNN).

Students in Syria speak out

03/20/2013 - 03/21/2013

Syrian students condemn the "crime perptuated by the armed terrorist groups," (SANA) referring to the use of chemical weapons.

al-Nursa Front internet videos

04/07/2013 - 04/08/2013

General Commander of al-Nursa Front Abu Muhammas al-Joulani posts videos on the internet speaking of plans to join with other rebel forces to achieve his goal of a fundamentalist Islamic state.

Terrorist organizations spread message

04/10/2013 - 04/11/2013

Other websites linked to terrorist organizations broadcast audio recordings of al-Nursa Front's video.

U.S/other foreign powers' relationship with Syria

Iranian Ambassador speaks out against West

02/09/2013 - 02/10/2013

During a speach about the 34th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, Ambassador Mohammed Riza Shebani references the imperialism of Western nations, stating that "arrogant, colonialist countries that seek control of the region's resources" (SANA) are the source of chaos.

Great Britain announces aid

03/03/2013 - 03/04/2013

Great Britain announces their aid package to the Syrian rebels, which includes humanitarian aid as well as weapons.

U.N. Peacekeepers detained by rebels

03/06/2013 - 03/07/2013

Rebels detain 20 U.N. peacekeepers, causing some tension between rebels and the United Nations. The U.N. offered "no further details on the issue." (CNN).

France arms rebels/Austria and Germany oppose

03/10/2013 - 03/12/2013

France announces it would start arming rebel forces. Austria and Germany speak out, saying that new assistance would violate a previously stated arms embargo.

U.S. troops in Jordan

04/17/2013 - 04/18/2013

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel orders up to 200 troops to Jordan. Though a political solution still appears to be preferable, they are there in case Obama deems them necessary.


Syrian Convoy/ Research Center Bombings

01/30/2013 - 01/31/2013

Israeli fighter jets strike a Syrian convoy suspected of moving weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. A research facility is also reported bombed, which is seen as violating humanitarian law.

Bombing on Turkey/Syria border

02/11/2013 - 02/12/2013

Following a bombing of the Turkey/Syria border, the perpetrato(s) are still in question. This is not the first time the violence has leaked into Turkey.

Car Bomb in Demascus

02/21/2013 - 02/22/2013

A car bomb explodes near Demascus and it is unclear as to who is responsible. However, it is known that around this time rebels are sending warnings to Hezbollah in Lebanon warning them of consequences if they do not stop fighting for al-Assad.

Chemical Weapons

03/19/2013 - 03/20/2013

Possible chemical weapons are used in Syria. Obama warned that this could bring direct U.S. involvment. It was unclear as to who used the chemical weapons, with each side claiming the opposition.


Prisoner Exchange

02/13/2013 - 02/14/2013

al-Assad government releases 2,130 civilians in exchange for 48 Iranians. This causes upset among Syrian loyalists, believing that this act showed that Syrian people mean little to Assad.