Events Leading to Civil War

Events Leading to Civil War

1st African Slaves in America (1619)


Slaves of the African race are introduced to America.

RI outlaws slavery (1652)


This is the first conflict with views on slavery.

3/5's Compromise (1787)


Stated that 3/5's of the slaves would be counted toward the state's population. It also stated that slavery was to end in 20 years.

Louisiana Purchase (1803)


This purchase of land doubles the size of the US opening up more land for slavery and plantations.

Slavery is supposed to end (1808)


It is 20 years after the 3/5's Compromise and slavery is supposed to end, but its doesn't.

Missouri Compromise (1820)


Created a border call the 36 30 line that showed were slavery was not allowed to pass into the North.

The Cotton Gin (1840)


Made the processing of cotton more effective causing the need of slaves to increase for more productivity.

Compromise of 1850 (1850)


California enters as a free state and the Fugitive Slave Law is created which means slaves that escaped to the North could be recaptured.

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" published (1852)


The book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is published which makes the North react strongly against slavery.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)


This act made it so Kansas and Nebraska could be slave states which brakes the rule of no slavery above the 3630 line.

"Bleeding Kansas" (1856)


This is when slave owners and abolitionists both lived in Kansas and fought with each other.

Dred Scott Case (1857)


This court case was when Dred Scott filed a lawsuit but was denied it because he was a slave and treated as property. This basically meant slavery could be anywhere.

John Brown's Raid (1859)


John Brown tried to steal government weapons and give them to slaves so they could rebel. It did not work.

Abraham Lincoln is elected (1860)


Abraham Lincoln is elected as President which angers the South.

South Carolina secedes (1860)


South Carolina is mad that Lincoln is elected and leaves the country.