Arthur Miller


Born in Harlem

October 17, 1915

His parents were Polish-Jewish immigrants, and he was the second of three children. His wealthy father owned a business that manufactured women's clothing.

Black Tuesday


The Miller family lost everything, and moved from uptown Manhattan to Brooklyn.

"Honors at Dawn"


Miller's first play, "Honors at Dawn" earned him an Avery Hopp Award at the University of Michigan.

Graduates from University of Michigan


Miller earned a B.A. in English.

"The Man Who Had All the Luck" premiers


This play closed to terrible reviews after four performances, but won a Theater Guild's National Award anyway.

Married Mary Slattery


She was his college sweetheart.

"All My Sons" premiers


"All My Sons" opened on Broadway and was a resounding success, earning Miller a Tony.

Begins "Death of A Salesman"


Miller completed Act 1 in a single day.

"Death of a Salesman" premiers

February 10, 1949

Miller's most famous play won him another Tony Award for Best Author, the New York Drama Circle Critics' Award, and the Pulitzer Prize. It is regarded as an American classic.

"The Crucible" premiers


This allegorical play likened the Salem Witch Trials to the Red Scare that permeated U.S. government. It is another classic.

H.U.A.C. denies Miller a passport


He was unable to attend "The Crucible's" London premiere at the insistance of the government. His run-ins with H.U.A.C. would influence his later work.

Marries Marilyn Monroe


Testifies before H.U.A.C.


Elia Kazan named Miller as one of eight members of the Group Theater who was allegedly a Communist Party member in 1952. Miller was questioned.

Found guilty of contempt of Congress


During Miller's H.U.A.C. hearings, he was fined $500 or given a thirty day prison sentence, blacklisted, and denied a passport.

Conviction overturned by Court of Appeals


It was decided that Miller was innocent, having been mislead by the chairman of H.U.A.C.

Began work on "The Misfits"


The film starred his wife, Marilyn Monroe. Miller believed this to be one of the lowest points of his life, and the pair would divorce the following year.

"After the Fall" premiers


This play was very personal to Miller, dealing with the dissolution of his marriage to Monroe.

Miller banned in U.S.S.R.


He was banned as a dissident writer.

Miller's final play premiers


Finishing the Picture, premieres at Chicago's Goodman Theatre. It was based on the filming of "The Misfits."

Died in Roxbury, Connecticut

February 10, 2005

Miller suffered congestive heart failure at his home.