World War 2


Section 2: The course of World War 2

The USA stay out of the war

1930 - 1941

The U.S had policies after World War 1 to stay out of European warfare. Until the Japanese bombing of Pearl Habor, the U.S joined in the fight to defeat Japan and Germany.

Germany and the Soviet Union split up Poland

September 28, 1939

Germany attacks Nertherlands, Belguim, and France

May 10, 1940

France is given to Germany

June 22, 1940

The French had a weak defense and the thick forest they thought would keep the Germans away was a huge flaw to keeping France safe.

The Battle of Britain/ Soviet Union

Germany's Airwar

August 1940

Hitler made the Luftwaffe-the German airforce, they bombed London mostly. At the end of August the British made a radar that could detect an invasion from the Geramans. Later Hitler declared that the invasion of Great Britain was indefinitly.

Hitler gain Greece and Yugoslavia

April, 1941

Hitler took these countries to frighten the Soviet Union. He thought if he took the Soviet Union that Britain would fall instanly. Hitler wanted a spring invasion but was stopped by delays in some countries. They had invade early fall which was a huge mistake due to the cold Russian winter.

The Soviet Union stop the German invasion

December, 1941

Japan at War

The army of Japan made an warfare attack on neutral USA territory of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor was an USA navel base in Hawaii. Killed many USA navy and citizens and this event is what makes the USA join in the the world war.

Southeast Asia was under Japan's control


The Allies Advance

With the USA coming into the war; the British, Americans, and the Russians put their political differences aside to defeat the Germans.

Back blast to the Germans


The war has turned against the Germans.

The USA help push back the Japanese

May 7, 1942 - May 8, 1942

The USA navy stopped the Japanese from invading Australia.

Total Surrender of the Axis powers


The Allies wanted Germany, Italy,and Japan surrender completly.

Germans cannot defeat the Soviet Union

June, 1943

Hitler knew he could not defeat the Soviet Union due to the Soviet Union'war's tatics to keep pushing back the Germans.