russian revolution


revolutions of 1917

February 1917

02/23/1917 - 02/25/1917

On Thursday, february 1917, the women workers of petrograd left factories and walked on the local streets to protest. (international women's day). 90,000 women protested. "Stop the War!" Then next day 150,000 people protested. No one was working in the factories.

the abdication

03/01/1917 - 03/02/1917

Czar Nicholas the second is officially abdicated.

provisional vs. petrograd soviet

competition over Russian leadership

1917 - 1918

Since there was no leader in russia after the abdication, two groups emerged. One from the Duma member and the other was the petrograd soviet. The Duma members represented the upper and middle class when the soviet represented the working class and soldiers. In the end the duma members became the provisional government which ran the country. This was allowed by the Petrograd soviet who thought that it would be economically better because they didn't have enough money for a true socialist revolution. The provisional government abolished the death penalty, religious and ethnic discrimination, granted amnesty for the political prisoners and exiled, and civil liberties. They did not end the war, land reform, or give citizens a better quality of life. The Provisional government chose not to end their part in the war to honor the commitments to their allies.

lenin's return

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

04/03/1917 - 1918

Lenin lived in exile when the first revolution transformed Russia, but once the Provisional government. Many workers and soldiers had gathered to welcome him back home. He then gave a speech congratulating the Russians for winning the revolution, but then he calls for another one accusing that the government had chosen to fight the war and decided to not feed and provide for the civilians.

october 1917

09/1917 - 10/1917

By September Lenin believed they were ready for a revolution. On October 10, a secret meeting of the Bolsheviks party was held. they debated through the night and the following morning a vote was taken. By October 25 the revolution began. By late morning all of russia except the winter palace was taken over. He announced the new regime would end the war and he abolished all private ownership.

civil war

civil war

06/1918 - 08/1918

the soldiers who came back home wanted their jobs back. There was no extra food, with no private ownership there was no public food to be grown by farmers. by June 1918 another civil war broke. on July 16/17 1918, the Czar family was executed. the civil war lasted 2 years. the bolsheviks won.