Russian Revolutions 1917

Revolutions of 1917

Change Wanted


An estimated 90,000 women marched through the streets. These women were tired, hungry, and angry because they worked long hours in miserable conditions and wanted change.


February 23, 1917

Women workers in Petrograd left their factories and entered the protest

Shut Down

February 25, 1917

The city of Petrograd was basically shut down no one was working

The End of the Czar

March 1, 1917

It was obvious to everyone except the Czar himself that the czar's rule was over


March 2, 1917

It was made official when Czar Nicholas II abdicated


September 1917

Lenin believed the Russian people were ready for another revolution


october 10, 1917

A secret meeting of the Bolsheviks party leaders was held

The Revolution Begins

October 25, 1917

The revolution began. Troops loyal to the Bolsheviks took control of the telegraph, power station, strategic bridges , etc.

Provisional vs. Petrograd Soviet

Changes Made


The Provisional Government abolished the death penalty, granted amnesty for all political prisoners and those in exile, ended religious and ethnic discrimination, and granted civil Liberties

Provisional Government


The former Duma members formed a Provisional Government which officially ran the country

Lenin Returns From Exile

New Revolution


Lenin shocked everyone by denouncing the Provisional Government and calling for a new revolution

Peace, Land, Bread


Lenin worked ceaselessly over the following few months and eventually people began to really listen. Soon many wanted "Peace, Land, Bread"


April 3, 1917

Lenin arrived in Petrograd at the Finland Station. Tens of thousands of workers and soldiers had come to the station to greet Lenin

Civil War

Growing Food


There was no extra food without private land ownership, farmers began to grow just enough to produce for thermoses; there was no incentive to grow more

Civil War

June 1918

Russia broke out in civil war. It was the Whites against the Reds


July 16, 1918 - July 17, 1918

Czar Nicholas, his wife, their children, the family dog, three servants and the family doctor were all woken up, taken to the basement and shot